Aku no HanaSynonyms: Blossom of Evil


Takao Kasuga is an unsociable middle school student who bears a love for books; in particular, Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal. He also has a crush on his class’ idol, the sweet Nanako Saeki. In stark contrast to her, Sawa Nakamura is an insolent and unpleasant girl who lacks any concern for school. One day, Takao forgets to bring his book home with him. He returns to school to retrieve it, but is stopped in his tracks when he finds Nanako’s freshly worn gym clothes lying on the floor. A strange desire consumes Takao, and like a wicked pervert, he steals them.Aku no Hana is a compelling coming-of-age story centered around Takao’s thoughts, feelings, and relationships as he tries to live a normal life with the guilt of his crime weighing on him. Sawa, however, who witnessed Takao’s thievery, has other plans in store for him…

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