Here we announce you the anime Uhou Renka, dated from 2012 and it’s from the honored Studio: PoRO.
Here you will find the synopsys, the critics and appealing information about your favourite anime. For anyone interested, the original name of this anime (in their original languaje) is 雨芳恋歌.

As a curiosity, is inspired by a novel visual and it lasts for 30 minper episode. At present, the anime of the moment is finished and it has got exactly 2 chapters. At the moment, the anime of the moment seems to have high general popularity and the minimum recommended age is approximately: Rx – Hentai.

Anime Uhou Renka: Synopsis

Plot of the anime Uhou Renka:

Ryouhei is suddenly summoned back to his hometown in the countryside. There, he meets Karen the mascot-girl of a lodging house.
As he stands entranced by the sight of her bewitching proportions, Nagisa, the sister of Ryouhei’s ex-girlfriend and the one who introduced him to Karen, looks on uneasily.

It may not seem like you will like it, but we want to recommend it.

Uhou Renka: Trailers and Videos

Uhou Renka: Characters, voice actors and more

You could follow the stories of your preferred characters (Nagisa Tsukayama, Karen Kanou).

Anime Uhou Renka: Critic

Kimberley, who is 28 years old, says

Konbanwa Sensei anime’s team thank you for opening up my eyes. I read your news every second.
Why!? I don’t catch the purpose of the main characters, nevertheless I’d say that I really like it.

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Questions about Uhou Renka

Mia, who likes thriller animes, asked us about:

How are you doing anime lovers, I am very grateful for your great job. I love to read your articles.
How great is the anime Uhou Renka? Who are the voice actors?

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