On this occasion we are presenting you the anime Touka Gettan, premiered in 2007 and it’s from the honored Animation Studio: Studio Deen.
On this site you will find the synopsis, the characters, the opinions and very interesting information about the anime. The anime Touka Gettan is also called: Toka Gettan or The Moonlight Lady returns, depending on where we are.

At the moment, the anime of the moment is finished and which to this day include a total of 26 chapters. As a curiosity, is inspired by a novel visual and In the TOP of this week, it’s low positioned. Actually, Touka Gettan is cataloged inside the genres: Supernatural, Drama, Romance and it’s from the award-winning producer WAO World. Now, the anime has high popularity among the anime lovers and the advised age is about: R – 17 or older.

Anime Touka Gettan: Synopsis

Synopsis of the anime Touka Gettan:

Touka Gettan is set in the land of Kamitsumihara, where traces of magic and legend can still be seen. The land has been under the protection of the Kamiazuma clan since it was founded.
The story revolves around Touka Kamiazuma, the main protagonist, and his encounter with a young girl named Momoka Kawakabe who comes to stay with the clan. Their meeting sets off a chain of events that will bring an ancient legend to life.

It may not seem like a big thing, but from here we want to recommend it.

Touka Gettan: Trailers and Videos

Touka Gettan: Characters, voice actors and more

You could follow the wonderful adventures of your preferred characters (Momoka Kawakabe, Touka Kamiazuma, Hazuki Azuma, Lilith, Fuu, Shouko Rokujou, Asuna Shirakawa, Kikyou, Haruhiko Kamiazuma, Yurika).

Anime Touka Gettan: Critic

Christine, who is 17 years old, writte us:

Konnichiwa Kawaii team thanks for all. I think your articles are very useful.
For now, I have watched only one hour, however I love it.

Jess, who will never forget the anime, wants to know:

Good day Sensei anime’s team I am very grateful for your great job. I read your news every day.
If this is the beginning of the season it leaves a nasty sour taste, I hope there will be one last season.

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Questions about Touka Gettan

Aris, who only watches animes in the original version, hesitates about:

Konnichiwa pros I am very grateful for your great job. Greetings from the UK!
The anime is popular. Which is the company producerTouka Gettan?

Mia, who only watches animes in the original version, says

Hey party, thank you for everything. Isn’t anime the best?
It sounds to me that the anime has a lot of seasons. I have heard that the anime has many names.

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