On this occasion we announce you the anime Tomodachi 8-nin, premiered in 2011 and it’s from the prestigious Studio: Egg.
On this site you will find the characters, the opinions, the synopsis and all you need to know about your favourite anime. For people who is interested, the original title of the anime (in OV) is ともだち8にん.

For your information, Tomodachi 8-nin is catalogued among the genres: Comedy, Kids and it’s having exactly 398 chapters. Right now, the anime is finished and it has an average length of 1 minper episode. Incidentally, is based on another animes and the recommended age is around: G – All Ages. Right now, the anime of the moment appears to have low general popularity and In the TOP of this week, it’s undetermined positioned.

Anime Tomodachi 8-nin: Synopsis

Argument of the anime Tomodachi 8-nin:

A series oriented to three-year-old children, showing the everydays of 9 characters, each of them having a distinct feature. Children will recognize characters and situations from their own life.
Sometimes through conflicts, sometimes through encouragement, they will find everyone’s place in the world. The story conveys messages such as “Nobody’s alone”, “It’s good to be different” and the importance of being connected with others, in a fun way.

It may not seem like a big deal, but from here we ask you for an opportunity.

Tomodachi 8-nin: Trailers and Videos

Tomodachi 8-nin: Characters, voice actors and more

Regrettably, we don’t have the list of dubbing actors and their characters at our disposal at this moment, but soon it will be!

Anime Tomodachi 8-nin: Critic

Angie, who is 24 years old, asks:

Good evening party, I am very grateful for your great job. I am your greatest fan.
If this is the end of the chapter it disappointed me, I wish there will be another season.

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Questions about Tomodachi 8-nin

Christine, who is 19 years old, ask us:

Yo S.A., thank you for opening up my eyes. I love anime.
The anime seems popular. I have heard that the anime has a few studios.

Jess, who is 32 years old, asked us about:

Hello otakus, thank you for your work. Greetings from the States!
How manyimages of the anime? Does the anime come from a manga?

Kevin, who is 29 years old, writte us:

Hey party, thank you for your help. Here an anime fan!
How bad is Tomodachi 8-nin? I have been told that the anime has a few seasons.

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