From SenseiAnime we present you the anime Tenshi no Drop, premiered in 2013 and it’s from the rewarded Animation Studio: AIC Frontier.
Listed below, the synopsis, the opinions, the critics and a lot of interesting information about this show. For people who mind, the original name of this anime (in Japanese) is 天使のどろっぷ.

Incidentally, is inspired by Web manga and which to this day include exactly 1 episodes. What is more, our anime is catalogued inside the genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Shounen and In the ranking of this week, it’s undetermined ranked. Currently, this anime seems to have high general popularity and the recommended age is about: R – 17 or older. Presently, Tenshi no Drop is finished and it has a length of 5 minper chapter.

Anime Tenshi no Drop: Synopsis

Plot of Tenshi no Drop:

Botan Ichige has just enrolled in St. Asmaria All-Girl’s School where angels are said to live.
It turns out that angels do indeed live there, and after an accident, an angel named Un offers Botan her halo as a snack. After eating it, Botan discovers it had some bizarre side-effects, causing her to regularly “give birth” to colorful mushrooms.
Is this the life of an angel!?

It could not seem like a big thing, but from here we recommend to you.

Tenshi no Drop: Trailers and Videos

Tenshi no Drop: Characters, voice actors and more

You could start the wonderful adventures of your chosen characters (Un, Shinobu Itoko, Botan Ichige, Momoko, Hibachi).

Anime Tenshi no Drop: Critic

Nina, who loves romantic animes, hesitates about:

Howdy otakus from the world thanks for your great effort. I read your news every week.
Jesus! I quite not catch the motivation of the antagonist, however I’d swear that I like it.

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Questions about Tenshi no Drop

Leslie, who loves romantic animes, wonders about:

Hello otakus, thank you for the amazing work. Here an anime fan!
Which is the studio of Tenshi no Drop? What is the argument the anime Tenshi no Drop?

Brad, who loves sport animes, asks Sensei Anime:

Howdy otakus from the world thank you for showing us the way. From today on you’ll be my best friend.
What are the main characters names? When was it launched?

Mike, who likes thriller animes, would like to ask us:

Good day party, thank you so much. I am your best reader.
The anime seems good enough. Somebody told me that the anime has a variety of images.

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