Best Anime similar to Hakuouki Sekkaroku: TOP 10

Searching for an anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku? Want to enjoy an anime similar to Hakuouki Sekkaroku?

Don’t get nervous. Of course you’re crazy about Hakuouki Sekkaroku, and for this reason we know you’d get crazy with this personaliced list.
It’s sad to know we are not able to give Hajime Saitou back with more adventures. However, we imagine you’ll certainly be amazed with this fabulous animes similar to Hakuouki Sekkaroku (Hakuouki Hekketsuroku OVA).

TOP 10 anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku: Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss is an anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku:
It would be strange not to include Paradise Kiss in our TOP. We recommend you to watch the journeys of George this year. The anime is a recreation of a manga.

On her way home from school, Yukari Hayasaka is approached by a weird-looking guy who starts looking at her body intently. He’s got blond spiky hair, a spiked choker, and multiple piercings on his ears and face.

She wants nothing to do with him, and runs away, only to bump into a very tall and beautiful purple-haired woman with a flower pattern around her eye. Yukari faints from shock and wakes up later in a strange place called the Atelier.

It turns out that these strangers are fashion designers who attend the most famous art school around, Yazawa Art Academy, and their group wants Yukari to model for their brand in Yazawa Academy’s upcoming show.Yukari turns down their offer and escapes the Atelier, but unknowingly leaves her school ID behind.

George Koizumi, the head designer, later sees it and immediately knows she would be the perfect model for them and will not stop until he gets what he wants—and he wants her. Yukari had never considered something as frivolous as modeling before, but could life among these eccentric designers actually prove to be fun? Or will Yukari lose herself in this world of art and passion?

TOP 9 anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku: Chihayafuru

Chihayafuru is an anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku:
We have chosen the acclaimed anime Chihayafuru for this list. In Chihayafuru, we can see the great adventures of Chihaya, with the voice of Seto, Asami. It was adapted from a manga.

Chihaya Ayase, a strong-willed and tomboyish girl, grows up under the shadow of her older sister. With no dreams of her own, she is contented with her share in life till she meets Arata Wataya.

The quiet transfer student in her elementary class introduces her to competitive karuta, a physically and mentally demanding card game inspired by the classic Japanese anthology of Hundred Poets. Captivated by Arata’s passion for the game and inspired by the possibility of becoming the best in Japan, Chihaya quickly falls in love with the world of karuta.

Along with the prodigy Arata and her haughty but hard-working friend Taichi Mashima, she joins the local Shiranami Society. The trio spends their idyllic childhood days playing together, until circumstances split them up.

Now in high school, Chihaya has grown into a karuta freak. She aims to establish the Municipal Mizusawa High Competitive Karuta Club, setting her sights on the national championship at Omi Jingu.

Reunited with the now indifferent Taichi, Chihaya’s dream of establishing a karuta team is only one step away from becoming true: she must bring together members with a passion for the game that matches her own.

TOP 8 anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is an anime similar to Hakuouki Sekkaroku:
This TOP would not be complete without the well-known anime Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. We definitely recommend you to watch the great journeys of Yakumo. What are you waiting for? The anime produced by the licensors N.F. and it is always synonymous of quality.

Yotarou is a former yakuza member fresh out of prison and fixated on just one thing: rather than return to a life of crime, the young man aspires to take to the stage of Rakugo, a traditional Japanese form of comedic storytelling. Inspired during his incarceration by the performance of distinguished practitioner Yakumo Yuurakutei, he sets his mind on meeting the man who changed his life.

After hearing Yotarou’s desperate appeal for his mentorship, Yakumo is left with no choice but to accept his very first apprentice.As he eagerly begins his training, Yotarou meets Konatsu, an abrasive young woman who has been under Yakumo’s care ever since her beloved father Sukeroku Yuurakutei, another prolific Rakugo performer, passed away.

Through her hidden passion, Yotarou is drawn to Sukeroku’s unique style of Rakugo despite learning under contrasting techniques. Upon seeing this, old memories and feelings return to Yakumo who reminisces about a much earlier time when he made a promise with his greatest rival.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is a story set in both the past and present, depicting the art of Rakugo, the relationships it creates, and the lives and hearts of those dedicated to keeping the unique form of storytelling alive.

TOP 7 anime similar to Hakuouki Sekkaroku: Nodame Cantabile: Finale – Mine to Kiyora no Saikai

Nodame Cantabile: Finale - Mine to Kiyora no Saikai is an anime similar to Hakuouki Sekkaroku:
How not to mention the popular anime Nodame Cantabile: Finale – Mine to Kiyora no Saikai. Nodame Cantabile: Finale – Mine to Kiyora no Saikai was first shown in 2010, from then it was a cult anime. The anime (Special) is scored by critics with 8.86/10.

Violinist Kiyora Miki meets with Shinichi Chiaki, Megumi “Nodame” Noda, and their two friends to visit world-class conductor Franz von Stresemann; upon arriving at his residence in Vienna, they discover that the maestro has escaped to Japan. As they make the most of their wasted trip by visiting important landmarks in the historical capital of classical music, Kiyora has a confession to make: she has not seen her boyfriend Ryuutarou Mine for an entire year and is still busy preparing for an international competition in Paris.

Chiaki and Nodame promise to attend the final round, but when the two are back in Paris, they receive an unexpected guest..


TOP 6 anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku: Chihayafuru 3

Chihayafuru 3 is an anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku:
In our list we cannot forget about the well-known anime Chihayafuru 3. In Chihayafuru 3, we can watch the adventures of Chihaya, with the powerful voice of the dubbing actor Seto, Asami. The anime goes hand in hand with Nippon Television Network so it is emotion and enjoyment guaranteed.

Winning the high school team tournament was a great accomplishment for the Mizusawa members. Each of them has made great strides in improving themselves, and the victory symbolizes how far they’ve come.

But after accomplishing one goal, their individual aims are within reach. Chihaya Ayase has her sights set on Wakamiya Shinobu and the title of Queen, and now that Taichi Mashima has made it into Class A, he can finally compete against Arata Wataya.

Everyone in Mizusawa wants to get better, and there’s no telling what the future holds if they keep trying.

TOP 5 anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku: Usagi Drop Specials

Usagi Drop Specials is an anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku:
In this TOP 10 we cannot forget about the popular anime Usagi Drop Specials. In this anime, we can follow the great adventures of Rin, with the voice of Matsuura, Ayu. The anime (Special) is based on a manga.

Four short episodes bundled with DVD/Blu-Ray.

1: Episode 2.5 “Aquarium of Leaves”Vol.

2: Episode 3.5 “Dear My Santa Claus”Vol.

3: Episode 6.5 “Full Blossom in the Sky”Vol.

4: Episode 8.5 “Way Home”

TOP 4 anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku: Kuragehime

Kuragehime is an anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku:
Impossible to forget about the well-known anime Kuragehime. The first TV transmission of Kuragehime was on Oct 15, 2010, and it was applauded by critics. It comes from the studios Brain’s Base, and it means synonymous of quality.

Ever since her late mother took her to an aquarium when she was young, Tsukimi Kurashita has been obsessed with jellyfish, comparing their flowing tentacles to a princess’s white dress. Now living with five other unemployed otaku women, 19-year-old Tsukimi spends her days as a social outcast dreaming of becoming an illustrator.

However, her life changes forever when one day, a beautiful woman unexpectedly helps her save a jellyfish in a local pet store. From then on, the stranger—confident, fashionable, and the complete opposite of Tsukimi and her roommates—begins to regularly visit the girls’ building.

This trendy hipster, though appearing shallow at first, harbors some secrets of her own, starting with the fact that “she” isn’t really a girl at all, but a wealthy male college student named Kuranosuke Koibuchi!

TOP 3 anime similar to Hakuouki Sekkaroku: Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop is an anime similar to Hakuouki Sekkaroku:
In this TOP 10 it could not be absent the great anime Usagi Drop. The first TV transmission of Usagi Drop was on Jul 8, 2011, and it was applauded by the fans of anime. It comes from the licensors NIS America, Inc. and it is always synonymous of quality.

Daikichi Kawachi is a 30-year-old bachelor working a respectable job but otherwise wandering aimlessly through life. When his grandfather suddenly passes away, he returns to the family home to pay his respects.

Upon arriving at the house, he meets a mysterious young girl named Rin who, to Daikichi’s astonishment, is his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter! The shy and unapproachable girl is deemed an embarrassment to the family, and finds herself ostracized by her father’s relatives, all of them refusing to take care of her in the wake of his death. Daikichi, angered by their coldness towards Rin, announces that he will take her in—despite the fact that he is a young, single man with no prior childcare experience.

Usagi Drop is the story of Daikichi’s journey through fatherhood as he raises Rin with his gentle and affectionate nature, as well as an exploration of the warmth and interdependence that are at the heart of a happy, close-knit family.

TOP 2 anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Yotarou Hourou-hen

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Yotarou Hourou-hen is an anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku:
It would be weird not to include Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Yotarou Hourou-hen in our list. The first TV transmission of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Yotarou Hourou-hen was on Mar 6, 2015, and it was applauded by critics. It is adapted from a manga.

Bundled with the special editions of the manga’s 7th and 8th volumes.When a certain man is released from prison, he knows exactly where he’s heading first.

After falling in love with a traditional comic storyteller’s rendition of the story called “Shinigami,” he is determined to become his apprentice. The performer, Yakumo, has never taken an apprentice before, but to everyone’s surprise, he accepts the eager ex-prisoner, nicknaming him “Yotaro.

“As Yotaro happily begins his new life, he meets others in Yakumo’s life, including Yakumo’s ward Konatsu. Konatsu was the daughter of a famous storyteller, and Yakumo took her in after her father’s tragic death.

Konatsu loved her father’s storytelling, and would love to become a performer in her own right—but that path is not available for women.

TOP 1 anime similar to Hakuouki Sekkaroku: Shirokuma Cafe

Shirokuma Cafe is an anime like Hakuouki Sekkaroku:
We have chosen the well-known anime Shirokuma Cafe for this TOP. In Shirokuma Cafe, we can watch the journeys of Shirokuma, with the voice of Sakurai, Takahiro. It produced by the studios Studio Pierrot, and it means synonymous of quality.

Situated near the local zoo and owned by the charismatic polar bear Shirokuma, Shirokuma Cafe is a popular spot for animals and humans alike, allowing them to sit back and relax after a hard day of work. Whether it’s a cold beverage or the latest item on his menu, Shirokuma finds joy in being able to serve his customers, often striking up conversations about various subjects.

Together with the sarcastic Penguin and the clumsy Panda, they form an odd trio who get themselves caught up in all sorts of misadventures with their other friends such as Grizzly, a bar owner, and Sasako, a human who works at the cafe. From dealing with unrequited love, outdoor camping trips, karaoke sessions, and even the secret to brewing delicious coffee, there’s always something bound to be happening in Shirokuma Cafe!

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