This week we suggest you the anime Shounen Ashibe, premiered in 2016 and it’s from the prestigious Studio: Bridge.
Shown below, the opinions, the synopsis and a lot of information about the anime. The anime Shounen Ashibe is also called: Young Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-chan, it will depend on the country where we reside.

Currently, this anime has got average popularity among the anime lovers and the recommended age is: G – All Ages. At the moment, our anime is finished and In the ranking of this year, it’s very low positioned. For your information, this anime is catalogued inside the genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Seinen and it lasts for 9 minper episode. Out of curiosity, is modelled on 4-koma manga and it’s having a total of 32 episodes.

Anime Shounen Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-chan: Synopsis

Argument of Shounen Ashibe:

Shounen Ashibe follows the daily life of first-grader Ashibe Ashiya and his spotted seal pet Goma-chan.

It may not seem like a big thing, but we want to recommend it.

Shounen Ashibe: Trailers and Videos

Shounen Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-chan: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the stories of your chosen characters (Goma-chan, Ashibe Ashiya, Sugao Anan, Tendou-sensei, Yumiko Arakawa, Mao Amachi, Yuuma Asahara, Ashibe’s Father, Ashibe’s Mother).

Anime Shounen Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-chan: Critic

Carol, who is 34 years old, says

Hey party, thank you for the amazing work. I read your news every week.
So far, I watched just a bit, even so I think it’s incredible.

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Questions about Shounen Ashibe

Ellis, who would love to be like the characters, wrote us:

What’s new party, thank you so much. I read your news everyday.
What is the plot it? What is the anime rank?

Marie, who is 24 years old, would like to ask us:

Hallo SA, thank you for opening up my eyes. I love manga.
Shounen Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-chan seems good. When was it aired?

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