Shinjin Tour Conductor is a OVAdated from 2004 and which had many followers and a never seen before story.
Here you will find the synopsis, the opinions, the critics and a lot of interesting information about your favourite anime. For anyone who cares, the original title of the anime (in OV) is 新人ツアーコンダクター里奈 ツアーオプション⇔添乗員、強制乱交.

For your information, Shinjin Tour Conductor is listed among the genres: Hentai and it has an impressive total of 1 episodes. Presently, Shinjin Tour Conductor which appears to have average popularity among the fans and the advised age is about: Rx – Hentai. Now, the anime of the moment is finished and it’s from the honored producer Milky Animation Label. You will be glad to know that is modelled on another animes and it lasts for 30 minper episode.

Anime Shinjin Tour Conductor: Synopsis

Plot of Shinjin Tour Conductor:

Rina was working for a travel agency where she was in charge of the “Onihime-mairi” tour. She would be showing Matsusawa village, famous for its spiritual legends.
Horror loving couples and groups would participate in a spooky day, and it seemed to be a fresh start for Rina. However, this tour was planned by the tour participants.
In a lonely village in the mountains, the girls would be taken to new heights by the sexual desires of the men IN their group. Little did she know the spirits were controlling all of them.

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Shinjin Tour Conductor: Trailers and Videos

Shinjin Tour Conductor: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the marvellous stories of your preferred characters (Rina, Tamiko), construed by the dubbing actors:

Anime Shinjin Tour Conductor: Critic

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Questions about Shinjin Tour Conductor

Jordan, who watched the anime already in their airing, asked:

How are you doing anime lovers, thank you for your work. I am your best reader.
What is the designer of the anime? I have been told that the anime has a huge variety of names.

Robert, who is crazy about anime, asked:

Ohayou Sensei anime’s team rocket thank you for existing. This site is awesome.
Does the anime come from a manga? Which is the production companythe anime ?

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