Today we announce you the anime Shen Ming Zhi Zhou, released in 2015 and it’s from the prestigious Studio: Haoliners Animation League.
Listed below, the synopsis, the opinions, the critics and everything you need to know about this show. For anyone who mind, the original title of this anime (in original version) is 神明之胄.

Incidentally, is inspired by a manga and In the TOP 1000 of the century, it’s undetermined ranked. Right now, our anime has low popularity among the fans and it has got a total of 12 episodes. Currently, this anime is finished and it’s from the award-winning producer iQIYI. What is more, this anime would be among the genres: Adventure, Fantasy and it lasts at least for 15 minper episode.

Anime Shen Ming Zhi Zhou: Synopsis

Synopsis of Shen Ming Zhi Zhou:

The series takes place in ancient times, where people worship totems and several unique tribes exist. The highly respected Totem Warriors have utmost faith in their beliefs and protect their tribes.
The protagonist, though not initially set to becomes a Totem Warrior, is eventually placed on that path. And thus, his adventure begins.

It may not look like you will like it, but from here we ask you for an opportunity.

Shen Ming Zhi Zhou: Trailers and Videos

Shen Ming Zhi Zhou: Characters, voice actors and more

Unluckily, we haven’t got the list of dubbing actors and their characters in the site at this moment, but we will update it soon!

Anime Shen Ming Zhi Zhou: Critic

Angie, who is 17 years old, says

Konnichiwa anime lovers, thanks for your great effort. I think your articles are very useful.
The thing, I saw only 20 minutes, even so I think it’s nice.

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Questions about Shen Ming Zhi Zhou

Max, who only watches subtitled anime, asked us about:

Genki desu ka Kawaii team thank you so much. I think about anime all the time.
Shen Ming Zhi Zhou seems popular enough. The anime looks popular.

Jess, who only watches subtitled anime, asked us about:

Hiya otakus from the world thanks for the hard work. I miss Naruto so much!
Where does it come from? I have been told that the anime has many studios.

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