In this occasion we announce you the anime Shakkin Shimai, premiered in 2007 and it’s from the award-winning Studio: Blue Cat.
Below you will find the opinions, the synopsis and a lot of interesting information about this great anime. For people who is interested, the original title of the anime (in OV) is 借金姉妹.

Presently, our anime appears to have average general popularity and it’s having an impressive total of 2 episodes. You will be glad to know to see that is based on a novel visual and the minimum recommended age is about: Rx – Hentai. At present, the anime of the moment is finished and it’s from the prestigious producer MS Pictures. For your information, the anime of the moment is catalogued inside the genres: Hentai, School and it lasts at least for 33 minper episode.

Anime Shakkin Shimai: Synopsis

Plot of the anime Shakkin Shimai:

Kaho and Kasumi are sisters indebted to the yakuza. A student learns of their predicament and decides to pay off their debt for a certain price; they must become his sex slaves until he sees that their debt is clear.

It could not seem like you will like it, but from here we ask you for an opportunity.

Shakkin Shimai: Trailers and Videos

Shakkin Shimai: Characters, voice actors and more

You could follow the wonderful stories of your preferred characters (Kaho Miyamori, Kasumi Miyamori, Okura).

Anime Shakkin Shimai: Critic

Jamy, who loves the anime since last year, wants to ask us:

Hiya SA, thank you for your news. I am a big fan of this site.
Why!? I don’t perceive the motivation of the main characters, despite this I would swear that I disliked it.

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Questions about Shakkin Shimai

Olivia, who can’t stop thinking about the anime, wrote us:

Konnichiwa anime lovers, thanks for your great effort. Reading about you is the best part of the day.
Shakkin Shimai is popular enough. Who are the dubbing actors?

Angie, who loves the anime since last year, wants to know:

Good morning pros thanks for your great effort. Your work is necessary in this world.
Does the anime come from a novel? When was it launched?

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