On this occasion we are presenting you the anime Samurai, released in 2004 and it’s from the award-winning Animation Studio: Gonzo.
Here you will find the opinions, the synopsis and a lot of interesting information about the anime. Possibly you have read before the title of the anime Samurailike this:Samurai Seven, it will depend on the country where we reside.

What is more, the anime of the moment is cataloged inside the genres: Historical, Mecha, Samurai and it’s from the awarded producer GDH. Now, this anime is finished and the duration is 26 minper chapter. Presently, our anime appears to have very high general popularity and In the ranking of this week, it’s high ranked.

Anime Samurai: Synopsis

Argument of Samurai:

In the far distant future, on a planet that might have been called “earth”, there was a war between samurai who mechanized their bodies. After the long war, people enjoyed a modest peace.
Facing starvation and abductions at the hands of fearsome mechanized bandits (Nobuseri), the farmers of Kanna Village make the dangerous choice to hire samurai for protection.
The village’s water priestess, Kirara, her younger sister, Komachi, and a heartbroken villager, Rikichi, set off to hire willing samurai with nothing to offer but rice from their meager harvests. Through dangerous encounters and a bit of luck, seven samurai of varying specialties and experience are gathered for an epic battle against the bandits and the merchants that influence them.
Samurai 7 is based loosely upon Kurosawa Akira’s famous movie “Seven Samurai”/”Shichinin no Samurai”

It may not seem like you will like it, but from SenseiAnime we ask you for an opportunity.

Samurai: Trailers and Videos

Samurai: Characters, voice actors and more

Follow the adventures of your favourite characters (Kyuzo, Kikuchiyo, Heihachi Hayashida, Kambei Shimada, Katsushiro Okamoto, Gorobei Katayama, Kirara, Komachi, Shichiroji, Rikichi).

Anime Samurai: Critic

Mary, who is 22 years old, says

Howdy Sensei anime’s team rocket thank you for existing. I read your news everyday.
So far, I watched just a bit, despite this I love it.

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Questions about Samurai

Loise, who loves the main character outfit, would like to ask us:

What’s up S.A., thank you for the amazing work. You are awesome.
Samurai looks popular. Where does it come from?

Leslie, who is 29 years old, hesitates about:

What’s up Kawaii team thank you for keeping us updated to. I love manga.
Where does it come from? I have heard that the anime has many images.

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