This week we are indroducing you the anime Pokemon XY, dated from 2015 and it’s from the prestigious Studio: OLM.
On this site you will find the opinions, the synopsis and appealing information about the anime. The anime Pokemon XY, also called: Hoopa’s Appearance! Operations or Pocket Monsters XY Movie 18 TV Special: Fuupa no Odemashi Daisakusen or Pocket Monsters XY: Fuupa no Odemashi Daisakusen!!, it will depend on the country where we are.

Actually, this anime would be among the genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Kids and In the TOP 1000 of the century, it’s very low ranked. At present, this anime has average general popularity and the minimum recommended age is: PG – Children. Right now, our anime is finished and it has got exactly 6 episodes. As a point of interest, is modelled on a game and it’s from the rewarded producer TV Tokyo.

Anime Pokemon XY: Hoopa no Odemashi Daisakusen!!: Synopsis

Argument of the anime Pokemon XY:

A short series featuring the mythical Pokemon Hoopa.

It may not look like a big deal, but from here we ask you for an opportunity.

Pokemon XY: Trailers and Videos

Pokemon XY: Hoopa no Odemashi Daisakusen!!: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the adventures of your favourite characters (Hoopa), played out by the dubbing actors:

Anime Pokemon XY: Hoopa no Odemashi Daisakusen!!: Critic

We are sorry, but we do not have the critic of Pokemon XY.

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Questions about Pokemon XY

Jamy, who only watches animes in the original version, asked:

Good afternoon pros thank you for keeping us updated to. Isn’t anime the best?
What is the anime score? Does the anime come from another anime?

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