Pinky Wakuwaku Tabi Stroll is a ONAreleased in 2000 and which had many followers and a new style.
Here you will find the characters, the opinions, the synopsis and very interesting information about it. Perhaps you could have heard the title of the anime Pinky Wakuwaku Tabi Strolllike this:Pinky Monkey Series or Pinky’s Exciting Journey Stroll, it will depend on the country where we live.

In fact, Pinky Wakuwaku Tabi Stroll is listed inside the genres: Slice of Life and the recommended age is roughly: G – All Ages. Presently, the anime is finished and which to this day include exactly 7 episodes. At the moment, the anime appears to have low popularity among the fans and the duration is 1 minper chapter.

Anime Pinky Wakuwaku Tabi Stroll: Synopsis

Plot of Pinky Wakuwaku Tabi Stroll:

A promotional anime for Frente International’s Pinky candy featuring their [pink] monkey mascot bring happiness through the power of Pinky candy in honor of the Pinky Citron Mint flavour release.

It may not look like you will like it, but we recommend it.

Pinky Wakuwaku Tabi Stroll: Trailers and Videos

Pinky Wakuwaku Tabi Stroll: Characters, voice actors and more

You can start the marvellous adventures of your favourite characters (Pinky), interpreted by:

Anime Pinky Wakuwaku Tabi Stroll: Critic

Alas, we do not have the critic of Pinky Wakuwaku Tabi Stroll.

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Questions about Pinky Wakuwaku Tabi Stroll

Nina, who is 19 years old, hesitates about:

Good day otakus from the world I am very grateful for your great job. I love to read manga.
How wonderful is the anime Pinky Wakuwaku Tabi Stroll? How good is the anime ?

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