This week we suggest you the anime Persona 5 the Animation, dated from 2018 and it’s from the rewarded Animation Studio: CloverWorks.
Here you will find the synopsys, the critics and a lot of information about this show. Possibly you could have heard the name of the anime Persona 5 the Animationlike this:P5A or Persona 5 the Anime, it will depend on the country where we reside.

For your information, Persona 5 the Animation is cataloged among the genres: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural and the duration is 24 minper episode. Now, this anime has got very high popularity and the recommended age is: R – 17 or older. At present, our anime is finished and it’s from the award-winning producer Aniplex. As a curiosity, is modelled on a game and it has exactly 26 episodes.

Anime Persona 5 the Animation: Synopsis

Argument of the anime Persona 5 the Animation:

Ren Amamiya, a new transfer student at Shujin Academy, is sent to Tokyo to live with his family friend Sojiro Sakura after wrongly being put on probation for defending a woman from sexual assault. While on the way to attend his first day at his new school, Ren notices a strange app has appeared on his phone, transferring him to a world known as the Metaverse, which contains people’s “shadows”: distorted depictions of their true selves.
In the Metaverse, he awakens his Persona, a power from deep within that gives him the strength to fight the shadows. With the help of similarly troubled students, he forms the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, attempting to save people from their sinful desires by “taking their heart,” making evildoers regret their actions and turn over a new leaf.
The group’s reputation continues to grow explosively, bringing along fame both positive and negative.
However, during the peak of their popularity, Ren gets captured and taken into custody. Here, he wakes up to a harsh interrogation, but this is cut short by the arrival of Sae Niijima—a prosecutor seeking answers.
Just how will she react to his story, and what will become of the Phantom Thieves?

It may not look like you will like it, but from SenseiAnime we ask you for an opportunity.

Persona 5 the Animation: Trailers and Videos

Persona 5 the Animation: Characters, voice actors and more

You could follow the adventures of your favourite characters (Ren Amamiya, Makoto Niijima, Ryuuji Sakamoto, Yuusuke Kitagawa, Ann Takamaki, Morgana, Futaba Sakura, Gorou Akechi, Haru Okumura, Sadayo Kawakami).

Anime Persona 5 the Animation: Critic

Jamy, who thinks that this anime is the best, writte us:

Good afternoon Sensei anime’s team rocket thank you for your news. I can’t stop thinking about you all night long.
The thing, I have watched about a half, even so I’m loving it.

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Thanks to them we keep improving every week and adding content like this post.

Questions about Persona 5 the Animation

Kevin, who fell in love with all the characters this year, writte us:

Howdy otakus, thank you for showing us the way. Your updates are amazing.
How manyphotos of the anime? How good is Persona 5 the Animation?

Brooks, who is 22 years old, wrote us:

Hey S.A., thank you for everything. Isn’t Full Metal Alchemist the best of bests?
Persona 5 the Animation is good. Where does it come from?

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