From SenseiAnime we suggest you the anime Omakase! Miracle Cat-dan, released in 2015 and it’s from the award-winning Animation Studio: OLM Digital.
Listed below, the opinions, the synopsis and a lot of interesting information about this great anime. Perhaps you have read the name of the anime Omakase! Miracle Cat-danas following: Leave it to Mamitasu or Omakase Mamitasu, it will depend on the country where we are located.

Presently, the anime of the moment has got low general popularity and it’s having exactly 32 episodes. For your information, our anime is catalogued among the genres: Comedy, Kids, Super Power and the minimum recommended age is approximately: G – All Ages. You will be glad to know to hear that is modelled on another animes and it’s from the honored producer NHK. Currently, our anime is finished and the duration is 10 minper episode.

Anime Omakase! Miracle Cat-dan: Synopsis

Synopsis of the anime Omakase! Miracle Cat-dan:

Nakagawa owns 10 cats in real life, and she adores one in particular named Mamitasu, the anime’s namesake. The anime depicts the slapstick comedy of the idiosyncratic 10 cats and the folks in the unusual “Nakagawa family.”

It could not look like a big thing, but from here we want to recommend it.

Omakase! Miracle Cat-dan: Trailers and Videos

Omakase! Miracle Cat-dan: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the wonderful stories of your preferred characters (Kensuke Koyama, Onigawara Mama).

Anime Omakase! Miracle Cat-dan: Critic

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Questions about Omakase! Miracle Cat-dan

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Who are the dubbing actors? How manytrailers of this anime?

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Who are the voice actors? Is the anime inspired in a manga?

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