Noraneko is a ONApremiered in 2014 and which had a lot of followers and a never seen before story.
Here you will find the characters, the opinions, the synopsis and everything you need to know about this show. Perhaps you have seen the name of the anime Noranekolike: Noragami: Noraneko, which will depend on the country where you are located.

Incidentally, is inspired by a manga and it has a length of 35 sec.per episode. Now, this anime has high general popularity and it has exactly 1 episodes. For your information, this anime is cataloged inside the genres: Comedy and the advised age is: G – All Ages. Currently, our anime is finished and In the TOP 1000 of this year, it’s undetermined ranked.

Anime Noraneko: Synopsis

Synopsis of Noraneko:

A short video released on April Fool’s Day 2014, which reimagines the cast of Noragami with cat ears. The title, Noraneko, means “stray cat” in Japanese.

It could not look like a big thing, but from here we recommend to you.

Noraneko: Trailers and Videos

Noraneko: Characters, voice actors and more

Alas, we don’t have the list of voice actors and characters in the site at this moment, but we will upload it soon!

Anime Noraneko: Critic

Sadly, we do not have the testimonies of Noraneko.

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Questions about Noraneko

Joseph, who enjoys school animes the most, wants to ask us:

Konbanwa party, thank you for keeping us updated to. Isn’t Attack on Titan the best anime?
I have been told that the anime has a few episodes. What is the anime score?

James, who likes drama animes, wants to know:

Yo otakus, congrats! You don’t know how happy you make us. I think your articles are very useful.
Is the anime inspired in a manga? How manyimages of this anime?

Tom, who loves romantic animes, wants to ask us:

Genki desu ka party, thank you for keeping us updated to. You are awesome.
Who are the voice actors? I have heard that the anime has a lot of episodes.

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