Today we introduce you the anime Nichijou, released in 2011 and it’s from the prestigious Studio: Kyoto Animation.
Here you will find the synopsys, the critics and all you need to know about your favourite anime. Maybe you have seen before the name of the anime Nichijoulike: Nichijou Episode 0 or Nichijou OVA or Everyday, depending on the country where we reside.

At the moment, our anime is finished and it’s from the award-winning producer Animation Do. Currently, this anime appears to have very high popularity among the fans and In the TOP of this month, it’s high ranked. Curiously, is inspired by a manga and it has an average length of 22 minper episode. In fact, the anime of the moment would be inside the genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, School and the strongly recommended age is: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older.

Anime Nichijou: Nichijou no 0-wa: Synopsis

Argument of the anime Nichijou:

While the title suggests a story of simple, everyday school life, the contents are more the opposite. The setting is a strange school where you may see the principal wrestle a deer or a robot’s arm hide a rollcake.
However there are still normal stories, like making a card castle or taking a test you didn’t study for.

It may not look like a big thing, but we ask you for an opportunity.

Nichijou: Trailers and Videos

Nichijou: Nichijou no 0-wa: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the adventures of your chosen characters (Yuuko Aioi, Sakamoto, Hakase Shinonome, Mio Naganohara, Nano Shinonome, Mai Minakami).

Anime Nichijou: Nichijou no 0-wa: Critic

Kevin, who is 17 years old, asked us about:

What’s new Kawaii team thanks for the hard work. I am your best reader.
I don’t perceive the aim of the main character, nevertheless I would say that I recommend it.

Kimberley, who can’t stop thinking about the anime, hesitates about:

Good day anime lovers, thank you for your help. How come there’s no other sites as amazing as this!
I really don’t perceive the purpose of the main character, despite this I’d say that I really enjoy it.

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Questions about Nichijou

Lena, who would like to be like the main character, writte us:

Hi otakus from the world thanks for the hard work. I am your greatest fan.
It sounds to me that the anime has a huge variety of characters. Nichijou: Nichijou no 0-wa seems good enough.

Max, who is 34 years old, asked us about:

Hey SA, thank you so much. I am your best reader.
How beautiful is Nichijou: Nichijou no 0-wa? Nichijou: Nichijou no 0-wa seems good.

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