Movie Xevious is an anime moviereleased in 2002 and which had a lot of fans and a never seen before style.
Here you will find the synopsis, the characters, the opinions and appealing information about it. For anyone who is interested, the real title of the anime (in Japanese) is ゼビウス.

You will be glad to know to hear that is based on a game and it’s having exactly 1 episodes. Presently, this anime looks like it has low popularity and it lasts for 1 hr. 15 minper chapter. Actually, the anime of the moment is catalogued among the genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi and In the TOP of this month, it’s undetermined ranked. Now, the anime of the moment is finished and it’s from the prestigious producer KENMedia.

Anime Movie Xevious: Synopsis

Plot of Movie Xevious:

In the year 2150 A.D. space pilot Takeru and human computer Martha come across a giant ship which contains two mechanical beings called Sara and Ru Mi.
They warn Takeru and Martha of the Gump, an alien race that is heading to Earth so that it can take over the planet. With only 40 mintues remaining until Earth’s invasion, Takeru enters the Solvalou, a combat aircraft, and heads to the Gump’s base on the planet Andoa.

It could not look like a big thing, but from SenseiAnime we ask you for an opportunity.

Movie Xevious: Trailers and Videos

Movie Xevious: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the stories of your preferred characters (Sarah, Takeru, Roux Me, Martha, Putnam).

Anime Movie Xevious: Critic

Unfortunately, we do not have the critic of Movie Xevious.

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Questions about Movie Xevious

Lindsay, who is 27 years old, asked:

Howdy otakus from the world thank you so much. How come there’s no other sites as amazing as this!
The anime could be good enough. Who are the dubbing actors?

James, who is 22 years old, says

Howdy SA, thank you for opening up my eyes. I love to read your articles.
How manytrailers of the anime? I have been told that the anime has a huge variety of episodes.

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