From SenseiAnime we introduce you the anime Movie Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story, premiered in 2010 and it’s from the honored Studio: Nippon Animation.
Shown below, the synopsis, the characters, the opinions and very interesting information about the anime. For anyone interested, the original title of the anime (in original version) is 魔法使いハーレイのスピードストーリー.

At present, Movie Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story looks like it has low popularity among the fans and the minimum recommended age is about: G – All Ages. What is more, Movie Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story is catalogued inside the genres: Kids, Magic, Fantasy and In the TOP 1000 of this month, it’s undetermined positioned. Presently, the anime of the moment is finished and it’s having a total of 1 chapters.

Anime Movie Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story: Synopsis

Synopsis of the anime Movie Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story:

A scientific animation and the second project of Anime Innovation Tokyo, THINK Corporation and Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s investment initiative to sponsor animation works by independant animators or small studios
What would be your guess of the world’s fastest moving transport?
Haley is a student at the school of wizardry, doing nothing but racing with his friends on flying broomsticks. One day, Haley’s teacher unveils one of his latest inventions – magic goggles that measure the speed of moving objects, simply by wearing them.
He has Haley and his friends use these goggles and compete against each other to decide who will measure the fastest speed of any surrounding animal. Peter, frustrated after losing against Haley, challenges him to another match and the two head toward the human world, taking with them an advanced magic broomstick their teacher had developed.
Although this broomstick was incomplete, Haley and Peter succeed in flying around the human world to discover the fastest moving object. Now, what do you suppose this could be…?!

It could not seem like a big deal, but we want to recommend it.

Movie Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story: Trailers and Videos

Movie Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story: Characters, voice actors and more

Alas, we don’t have the list of voice actors and characters available at this moment, but it won’t take long until we do!

Anime Movie Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story: Critic

Lamia, who loves comedy animes, asks:

Genki desu ka anime lovers, thanks for all. I read your news every day.
If this is the end of the chapter it disappointed me, I wish there will be another season.

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Questions about Movie Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story

Lara, who is crazy about anime, ask us about

Konbanwa otakus from the world thank you so much. Here an Evangelion fan!
There isn’ta big enigma around Movie Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story. Movie Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story looks good.

Aris, who watched the anime already in their airing, asks:

Konbanwa Sensei anime’s team thank you for the amazing work. This site is awesome.
When was it launched? I have heard that the anime has many seasons.

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