Today we are indroducing you the anime Movie Hunter x Hunter, premiered in 2013 and it’s from the prestigious Animation Studio: Madhouse.
Listed below, the synopsis, the opinions, the critics and all you need to know about this show. The anime Movie Hunter x Hunter, also called: Gekijouban Hunter x Hunter: Hiiro no Genei or HxH Movie, it will depend on where you are located.

At the moment, this anime is finished and the recommended age is about: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older. Right now, this anime which appears to have very high popularity among the fans and it’s from the prestigious producer VAP. In fact, the anime of the moment is cataloged among the genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy and the duration is 1 hr. 37 minper chapter. Like a curiosity, is modelled on a manga and it has a total of 1 episodes.

Anime Movie Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge: Synopsis

Argument of the anime Movie Hunter x Hunter:

After completing their work at Yorknew City, Leorio Paladiknight and Kurapika investigate the rumored sightings of a boy with scarlet red eyes, as they believe this person to be a member of the now non-existent Kurta Clan. Kurapika hopes to find another survivor of the clan besides himself, but instead ends up losing both his eyes after an attack from someone who seems to be his childhood friend.

Leorio tends to Kurapika’s wounds, and then sends for both Gon Freecss and Killua Zoldyck to help retrieve Kurapika’s eyeballs. However, their search brings them face-to-face with the infamous group of thieves known as Phantom Troupe—the same people who massacred the entire Kurta Clan five years ago for their scarlet eyes, which change color during moments of rage.
Hunter x Hunter Movie 1: Phantom Rouge follows the boys’ quest to locate their friend’s eyes and catch the thief, causing them to delve deep into Phantom Troupe’s past. And in doing so, they encounter a mysterious girl who appears to be linked to it all…

It could not look like a big deal, but we recommend it.

Movie Hunter x Hunter: Trailers and Videos

Movie Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge: Characters, voice actors and more

You can start the marvellous stories of your chosen characters (Killua Zoldyck, Gon Freecss, Kurapika, Leorio Paladiknight, Hisoka Morow, Chrollo Lucilfer, Feitan Pohtoh, Illumi Zoldyck, Ging Freecss, Machi Komachine).

Anime Movie Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge: Critic

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Questions about Movie Hunter x Hunter

Marie, who would love to be like the characters, wrote us:

Hello otakus, thank you for keeping us updated to. I think your articles are very useful.
I have been told that the anime has a variety of images. Is the anime inspired in a novel?

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Ohayou pros thank you for opening up my eyes. I think about anime all the time.
What is the plot the anime Movie Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge? Who are the voice actors?

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