Today we announce you the anime Movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo, premiered in 2011 and it’s from the honored Animation Studio: CoMix Wave Films.
Below you will find the synopsys, the critics and very interesting information about it. Maybe you could have seen before the title of the anime Movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomolike this:Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below or Journey to Agartha, which will depend on the country where you are.

Actually, this anime would be among the genres: Adventure, Romance, Fantasy and the recommended age is: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older. At present, the anime of the moment has got very high popularity among the fans and In the ranking of this week, it’s high positioned. You will be glad to know that is based on another animes and it’s having exactly 1 episodes. Currently, the anime is finished and it’s from the honored producer Media Factory.

Anime Movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo: Synopsis

Synopsis of the anime Movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo:

If you could turn all your memories into a song, what would it resemble?
Between being an exceptional student and taking care of the house alone during her mother’s absence, Asuna Watase’s only distraction is listening to her old crystal radio in her secret mountain hideout. One day, she accidentally tunes to a mysterious and melancholic melody, different from anything she has ever heard before.
Soon after, an enigmatic boy named Shun saves her from a dangerous creature, unknowingly dragging Asuna on a long journey to a long lost land bound to surpass her very imagination, turning her once melodic life into an intricate requiem.

It may not seem like you will like it, but we recommend to you.

Movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo: Trailers and Videos

Movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the adventures of your preferred characters (Asuna Watase, Shin Canaan Praeses, Ryuuji Morisaki, Mimi, Shun, Mana, Risa, Soldier, Father Watase, Seri).

Anime Movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo: Critic

April, who enjoys action animes the most, ask us:

Good day Sensei anime’s team thank you for the amazing work. Reading about you is the best part of the day.
Woah! I did not expect much about this anime, but it exceed all my expectations.

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Questions about Movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo

Alison, who have watched all the episodes of the anime, would like to ask us:

How are you doing anime lovers, thank you for your help. I think about anime all day long.
How wonderful is Movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo? Which is the producerthe anime Movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo?

Sam, who is 31 years old, asks:

Genki desu ka Sensei anime’s team rocket thank you for your news. I think about anime all the time.
What is the director of the anime? Does the anime come from a novel?

Lena, who is 25 years old, ask us:

Yo Sensei anime’s team thank you for the amazing work. I miss Naruto so much!
Where does it come from? There is a few secretiveness around Movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo.

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