Here we introduce you the anime Movie Higashi no Eden I, dated from 2009 and it’s from the awarded Animation Studio: Production I.G.
On this site you will find the synopsis, the characters, the opinions and a lot of interesting information about it. Maybe you could have heard before the title of the anime Movie Higashi no Eden Ias following: Higashi no Eden: Gekijouban I The King of Eden, depending on where you are located.

Right now, this anime has got very high general popularity and the strongly recommended age is: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older. Right now, the anime is finished and it lasts for 1 hr. 22 minper episode. Curiously, is modelled on another animes and it’s from the prestigious producer Fuji TV. In fact, the anime is catalogued among the genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery and it has exactly 1 episodes.

Anime Movie Higashi no Eden I: The King of Eden: Synopsis

Argument of Movie Higashi no Eden I:

After preventing Japan’s destruction, Akira Takizawa made one final request to become the “King of Japan,” before he erased his memories once again and disappeared. Leaving Saki Morimi with his cellphone, the only clue she has in regards to Akira’s whereabouts is the message, “I’ll be waiting where our journey started.”
Six months later, rumors have spread about Akira, and Saki’s search leads her to New York City.
However, Saki is not the only person who goes to investigate—with several billion yen burning a hole in their pockets and a challenge to “save Japan,” the remaining Seleção are not far behind. Some are willing to help Akira achieve his goals, but a few are making dangerous moves in order to eliminate him and achieve their own picture of a better Japan.
With rising stakes and new revelations, the game is still on.

It could not look like a big thing, but from SenseiAnime we recommend to you.

Movie Higashi no Eden I: Trailers and Videos

Movie Higashi no Eden I: The King of Eden: Characters, voice actors and more

You could start the wonderful adventures of your preferred characters (Akira Takizawa, Saki Morimi, Mameshiba, Kuroha Shiratori, Juiz, Mikuru Katsuhara, Yutaka Itazu, Kazuomi Hirasawa, Satoshi Ohsugi, O-nee).

Anime Movie Higashi no Eden I: The King of Eden: Critic

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Questions about Movie Higashi no Eden I

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How are you doing Sensei anime’s team rocket congrats! You don’t know how happy you make us. Here an anime fan!
The anime seems popular enough. I have heard that the anime has a huge variety of names.

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Hiya otakus, I am very grateful for your great job. I think your articles are very useful.
What is the director of the anime? Somebody told me that the anime has a variety of names.

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