Monsuto Anime is a ONAdated from 2017 and which had a lot of fans and a different style.
Here you will find the opinions, the synopsis and a lot of information about this show. Perhaps you have read the name of the anime Monsuto Animeas following: Monster Strike 2 Episode 0, depending on the country where you reside.

Presently, our anime is finished and the advised age is: PG – Children. Like a curiosity, is based on a game and In the TOP of this month, it’s very low ranked. In fact, our anime is catalogued among the genres: Action, Game, Fantasy and it has a length of 15 minper chapter. Now, our anime has average popularity among the fans and it has got an impressive total of 1 episodes.

Anime Monsuto Anime: Katsubou no Hate no Risoukyou: Synopsis

Argument of Monsuto Anime:

Episode 0 of Monsuto Anime. It is the first item in the franchise to be completely animated in CG.
The big threat is passed, but the gang’s still got little threats to handle.
The monsters are becoming a part of daily life, but there’s one big thing missing: Oragon. One day, a powerful monster appears in the middle of town.
It’s got Oragon inside!

It may not look like a big deal, but from here we recommend it.

Monsuto Anime: Trailers and Videos

Monsuto Anime: Katsubou no Hate no Risoukyou: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the adventures of your favourite characters (Ren Homura, Aoi Mizusawa, Minami Wakaba, Akira Kagetsuki, Oragon, Ryouma Sakamoto, Gabriel, K, Takeru Yamato, Napoleon).

Anime Monsuto Anime: Katsubou no Hate no Risoukyou: Critic

Nina, who is 21 years old, asked:

Hiya Kawaii team thanks for your great effort. I like watching anime so much!
For those people who are going to start it, I’ll give you a piece of advice: Wait till the end because it gets better.

Contact and tell us all you want in the comment below! If you wish you can share your feelings via email. So we are awaiting your comments.
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Questions about Monsuto Anime

Christine, who only watches animes in Japanese, asked us about:

Konbanwa anime lovers, thank you for opening up my eyes. Anime and manga are the best in the world .
I have been told that the anime has a lot of seasons. Where does it come from?

Marina, who is 33 years old, wrote us:

What’s up S.A., I am very grateful for your great job. Your work is necessary in this world.
Is the anime inspired in another anime? Which one is the anime ?

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