In this occasion we are indroducing you the anime Meng Qi Shi Shen, dated from 2018 and it’s from the honored Studio: Wawayu Animation.
Below you will find the synopsys, the critics and very interesting information about your favourite anime. Maybe you have seen before the name of the anime Meng Qi Shi Shenas following: Mengqi Shishen or Adorable Food Goddess or Cinderella Chef, it will depend on where you are.

What is more, the anime of the moment is cataloged inside the genres: Adventure, Comedy, Historical and it’s from the rewarded producer bilibili. Like a curiosity, is based on a novel and it has an impressive total of 12 episodes. Now, the anime is finished and In the TOP 1000 of this year, it’s average positioned. Currently, the anime of the moment which appears to have high popularity among the anime lovers and the duration is 21 minper episode.

Anime Meng Qi Shi Shen: Synopsis

Plot of the anime Meng Qi Shi Shen:

Ye Jiayao finds herself back in time in the body of Ye Jinxuan. After many twists, she thought that she would finally be able to lead a simple life and achieve her dream of opening the best restaurant in Huai Song.
However, there are villains constantly trying to bring her down.

It may not seem like you will like it, but from here we ask you for an opportunity.

Meng Qi Shi Shen: Trailers and Videos

Meng Qi Shi Shen: Characters, voice actors and more

Start the adventures of your favourite characters (Jinxuan Ye, Xia Chunyu, Ye Jiayao, Chunyu Xia, Jiang, Pengwu, Songqi, Qixuan Zhao), played by:

Anime Meng Qi Shi Shen: Critic

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Questions about Meng Qi Shi Shen

Jim, who pretends to be like the main character, asked:

Konbanwa Sensei anime’s team rocket thank you for your help. I think your articles are very useful.
Which is the producerthe anime ? Who are the voice actors?

Max, who is 31 years old, wants to ask us:

Genki desu ka SA, thank you for your news. Greetings from the UK!
The anime seems popular enough. Where does it come from?

Ben, who is 27 years old, ask us about

Hiya otakus from the world thank you for your work. How come there’s no other sites as amazing as this!
Who are the dubbing actors? How manytrailers of the anime?

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