Makai Kishi Ingrid is a OVAdated from 2009 and which had a lot of fans and a new style.
Here you will find the synopsis, the characters, the opinions and a lot of interesting information about it. Possibly you could have heard before the name of the anime Makai Kishi Ingridlike this:The Dark Knight Ingrid or Hell Knight Ingrid or Taimanin Murasaki, depending on the country where you are located.

You will be glad to know to hear that is based on a novel visual and the recommended age is roughly: Rx – Hentai. Presently, this anime looks like it has high general popularity and it has a duration of 30 minper chapter. At the moment, the anime is finished and it’s from the awarded producer Pixy. Actually, Makai Kishi Ingrid is catalogued inside the genres: Hentai, Demons, Martial Arts and it has exactly 4 chapters.

Anime Makai Kishi Ingrid: Synopsis

Plot of Makai Kishi Ingrid:

Dark existences were secretly invading Tokyo, the diabolic city. Behind the success of ninjas of justice called Taimanin, the darkness starts the action…
Hell knight Ingrid revealed the betrayal of a diabolic doctor, Sabato Kiryuu, who has belonged to a group of darkness, Kanomado. She follows after him who managed to escape from the spot.
However, she gets the counterattack from Kiryuu in a certain hideous church and becomes captive. With vengeance, Kiryuu tries to destroy Ingrid’s noble soul and decoy her boss, Edwin Black the vampire, into coming to save her.
He encourages a group of monsters who have the desire for revenge against Ingrid to disgrace her body…

It may not seem like a big thing, but we recommend to you.

Makai Kishi Ingrid: Trailers and Videos

Makai Kishi Ingrid: Characters, voice actors and more

Follow the wonderful adventures of your favourite characters (Ingrid, Murasaki Yatsu, Sabato Kiryuu, Edwin Black).

Anime Makai Kishi Ingrid: Critic

Kyle, who can’t wait to go home, writte us:

Good evening S.A., thank you for the amazing work. I read your news every week.
The truth, I did not see too much about this anime, but it overcame my first impression.

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Questions about Makai Kishi Ingrid

Niko, who have watched every episodes of this anime, ask us:

Hello Sensei anime’s team rocket thank you for your help. From today on you’ll be my best friend.
It sounds to me that the anime has a lot of studios. I have heard that the anime has a lot of studios.

Robert, who can’t wait to go home, asked:

Hey otakus, thank you for the amazing work. Isn’t Full Metal Alchemist the best of bests?
I have heard that the anime has an extense variety of episodes. What is the director of the anime?

Joe, who is crazy about anime, says

Hey party, thanks for so much. Greetings from the States!
Does the anime come from another anime? I have been told that the anime has a variety of images.

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