Lovely ♡ is a OVAreleased in 2019 and which had a lot of fans and ever seen story.
Shown below, the characters, the opinions, the synopsis and appealing information about this great anime. For anyone who cares, the original name of the anime (in Japanese) is らぶりー♡.

Like a curiosity, is based on a manga and it has a duration of 15 minper chapter. What is more, our anime would be among the genres: Hentai and the strongly recommended age is approximately: Rx – Hentai. Right now, the anime of the moment is airing and it’s from the awarded producer Mary Jane.

Anime Lovely ♡: Synopsis

Synopsis of Lovely ♡:

Andou Aina is an active girl who likes teasing her home room teacher, Tanaka. He is asked by Aina if he is a virgin one day, and she decides to take his virginity.
And like this, he is grabbed by a girl who is much younger than he is…

It could not seem like a big thing, but we recommend it.

Lovely ♡: Trailers and Videos

Lovely ♡: Characters, voice actors and more

You could start the marvellous adventures of your preferred characters (Aina Endou), played by:

Anime Lovely ♡: Critic

Sadly, we haven’t got the critic of Lovely ♡.

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Questions about Lovely ♡

Brad, who would like to be like the main character, asked us about:

Hi otakus from the world I am very grateful for your great job. I love manga.
Who are the dubbing actors? What is the designer of the anime?

Luna, who is 25 years old, ask us:

Konbanwa otakus, thank you for everything. Isn’t Full Metal Alchemist the best of bests?
Howis the anime ? I have heard that the anime has a lot of images.

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