Today we present you the anime Koyomi History, dated from 2016 and it’s from the rewarded Studio: Shaft.
On this site you will find the characters, the opinions, the synopsis and very interesting information about this show. Maybe you have read the name of the anime Koyomi Historylike this:Madogatari, depending on where you are.

In fact, this anime is cataloged among the genres: Comedy and the minimum recommended age is about: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older. As a point of interest, is inspired by a novela ligera and which to this day include exactly 1 episodes. Now, the anime is finished and it lasts at least for 3 minper chapter. Currently, Koyomi History seems to have high popularity among the anime lovers and In the TOP of the century, it’s low positioned.

Anime Koyomi History: Synopsis

Synopsis of Koyomi History:

Adaptation of Koyomi History short story released on Madogatari Blu-ray.

It could not seem like a big thing, but we want to recommend it.

Koyomi History: Trailers and Videos

Koyomi History: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the wonderful stories of your chosen characters (Hitagi Senjougahara, Shinobu Oshino, Koyomi Araragi, Tsubasa Hanekawa, Mayoi Hachikuji, Suruga Kanbaru, Nadeko Sengoku).

Anime Koyomi History: Critic

Jack, who loves sport animes, asked:

Hiya S.A., congrats! You don’t know how happy you make us. I like watching anime so much!
If this is the end of the episode it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, I hope there will be another episode.

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Questions about Koyomi History

Pam, who is 20 years old, asks:

Konbanwa party, thank you so much. I am very fond of this site .
Which one is the animeKoyomi History? Is the anime inspired in a manga?

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