From SenseiAnime we suggest you the anime Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet, dated from 2018 and it’s from the honored Studio: LIDENFILMS.
Below you will find the synopsys, the critics and all you need to know about this great anime. The anime Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet, aka: Kishukugakkou no Juliet, it will depend on where you are.

Presently, our anime which appears to have very high popularity among the fans and the strongly recommended age is: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older. In fact, Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet would be among the genres: Action, Comedy, Romance and the duration is 24 minper episode. At the moment, the anime of the moment is finished and In the TOP of the century, it’s high ranked. You will be glad to know to see that is inspired by a manga and it’s having an impressive total of 12 chapters.

Anime Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet: Synopsis

Plot of Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet:

We lay our scene in the fair Dahlia Academy, where two countries, both alike in dignity, come together; the “Black Doggies” of the Eastern Nation of Touwa and “White Cats” of the Principality of West have a longstanding feud. Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia, leaders of their respective dorms, seem to be bitter enemies.
In reality, however, Romio and Juliet are hopelessly in love, but revealing their relationship would call upon the ire of all their comrades.
They hide their love to maintain peace, but a clandestine relationship means they miss out on many of the activities couples get to do. As they grow closer together, Romio and Juliet must come to terms with the fact that keeping their relationship a secret may prove to be impossible.

It may not seem like a big thing, but we recommend to you.

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet: Trailers and Videos

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the adventures of your chosen characters (Hasuki Komai, Juliet Persia, Romio Inuzuka, Westia Chartreux, Teria Wang, Chizuru Maru, Kochou Wang, Anne Sieber, Airu Inuzuka, Scott Fold).

Anime Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet: Critic

Jamy, who is 19 years old, wants to know:

Hi S.A., thank you for existing. I love to read manga.
For the people who are starting it now, I’ll give you some advice: Hold on one more episodebecause it’s worth it.

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Questions about Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

James, who enjoys animes and mangas the most, asks:

Hiya party, thank you for showing me the way. I can’t stop thinking about you all night long.
What is the plot the anime ? There isn’ta big secretiveness around this anime .

Bonnie, who won’t forget about the anime, wonders about:

Konbanwa Sensei anime’s team rocket congrats! You don’t know how happy you make us. How come there’s no other sites as amazing as this!
Where does it come from? What is the plot Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet?

Robert, who is 19 years old, asks:

Yo S.A., thank you for existing. How come there’s no other sites as amazing as this!
Does the anime come from a novel? How manyvideos of the anime?

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