Here we suggest you the anime Kiniro no Corda, premiered in 2009 and it’s from the awarded Studio: Yumeta Company.
Here you will find the synopsis, the opinions, the critics and a lot of information about the anime. The anime Kiniro no Corda, also called: Kin’iro no Corda: Secondo Passo or Kin’iro no Chord: Secondo Passo or The Golden String: Second Step, it will depend on the country where we are.

Actually, Kiniro no Corda is cataloged among the genres: Harem, Music, School and it lasts at least for 25 minper chapter. You will be glad to know to hear that is modelled on a novel visual and In the ranking of this year, it’s average positioned. Right now, this anime looks like it has very high popularity among the fans and it’s from the rewarded producer Koei. Now, Kiniro no Corda is finished and which to this day include an impressive total of 2 chapters.

Anime Kiniro no Corda: Secondo Passo: Synopsis

Plot of Kiniro no Corda:

The story continues after the intraschool music competition of the first game and anime series. The budding music student Kahoko meets the brusque boy Etō, the new youthful school board director Akihiko Kira, and the mysterious transfer student Aoi Kaji.

It may not seem like a big deal, but we want to recommend it.

Kiniro no Corda: Trailers and Videos

Kiniro no Corda: Secondo Passo: Characters, voice actors and more

You can start the marvellous adventures of your preferred characters (Len Tsukimori, Kahoko Hino, Ryotaro Tsuchiura, Aoi Kaji, Kazuki Hihara, Keiichi Shimizu, Azuma Yunoki, Lili, Shouko Fuyuumi, Kiriya Etou).

Anime Kiniro no Corda: Secondo Passo: Critic

Luna, who is 32 years old, asked:

Konnichiwa otakus from the world thank you so much. Your work is necessary in this world.
I quite not catch the goal of the main characters, but I’d say that I recommend it.

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Questions about Kiniro no Corda

Jamy, who is crazy about anime, asked us about:

How are you doing pros thank you for showing me the way. I love anime.
It sounds to me that the anime has a few studios. I have been told that the anime has a few episodes.

Niko, who is 31 years old, would like to ask us:

Hiya S.A., thank you for existing. Your updates are amazing.
What is his Japanese name? What is his Japanese name?

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