In this occasion we present you the anime Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru, released in 2018 and it’s from the award-winning Studio: Production I.G.
Listed below, the critics, the synopsis and appealing information about this great anime. Maybe you have seen the title of the anime Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteirulike: Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuite Iru or Kazetsuyo, it will depend on where we are located.

For your information, this anime is cataloged inside the genres: Comedy, Sports, Drama and it’s from the rewarded producer Movic. Currently, this anime has got very high general popularity and it has a total of 23 episodes. As a point of interest, is modelled on a novel and it lasts at least for 23 minper chapter. Currently, Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru is finished and the minimum recommended age is roughly: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older.

Anime Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru: Synopsis

Synopsis of the anime Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru:

Former ace runner of Sendai Josei High School, Kakeru Kurahara is chased away from a convenience store for shoplifting. Shaking off his pursuer, he runs into Haiji Kiyose, another student from his university.
Haiji is impressed by Kakeru’s agility and persuades him to live in Chikusei-sou, the run-down apartment where Haiji resides along with eight other students. Having lost his entire apartment deposit at a mahjong parlor, Kakeru accepts the offer reluctantly.
However, Haiji reveals a secret during Kakeru’s welcoming party: the apartment is actually the dormitory of the Kansei University Track Club.
He unveils his ultimate goal of participating in the Hakone Ekiden—one of the most prominent university marathon relay races in Japan. Unfortunately, all the residents apart from Haiji and Kakeru are complete running novices.
Worse still, none of the inhabitants are even remotely interested in being involved with Haiji’s ridiculous plan! With only months before the deadline, will the fourth-year student be able to convince them otherwise and realize his elusive dream of running in the Hakone Ekiden?

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Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru: Trailers and Videos

Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the wonderful adventures of your chosen characters (Haiji Kiyose, Kakeru Kurahara, Akane Kashiwazaki, Yukihiko Iwakura, Takashi Sugiyama, Akihiro Hirata, Musa Kamara, Youhei Sakaguchi, Tarou Jou, Jirou Jou).

Anime Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru: Critic

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Questions about Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru

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What is his VO name? Which is the producerKaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru?

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