Ishida to Asakura Special is a Specialdated from 2013 and which had many followers and a never seen before style.
Listed below, the opinions, the synopsis and very interesting information about this show. For people who is interested, the real name of the anime (in OV) is 石田とあさくら.

You will be glad to know to hear that is based on a manga and it’s from the honored producer DAX Production. For your information, the anime of the moment is catalogued among the genres: Comedy, School, Seinen and it has exactly 1 chapters. Currently, this anime is finished and the strongly recommended age is roughly: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older. At present, the anime of the moment has got average general popularity and In the TOP of the century, it’s undetermined ranked.

Anime Ishida to Asakura Special: Synopsis

Synopsis of the anime Ishida to Asakura Special:

A bonus episode aired on Tokyo MX a week after episode 12. Asakura asks why they’re still there when the anime was supposed to end last week.

It may not look like a big thing, but we recommend it.

Ishida to Asakura Special: Trailers and Videos

Ishida to Asakura Special: Characters, voice actors and more

You could follow the marvellous stories of your favourite characters (Asakura, Ishida).

Anime Ishida to Asakura Special: Critic

Joseph, who would like to be like the main character, wants to ask us:

Ohayou S.A., thank you for keeping us updated to. I read your news every morning.
For those people who are going to start it, I am going to give you some advice: Hold on one more episodecause it’s great.

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Questions about Ishida to Asakura Special

Pam, who loves sport animes, ask us about

Good morning Sensei anime’s team thank you for showing me the way. I can’t believe your news are so great.
There is a lot of mystery around this anime . How good is the anime Ishida to Asakura Special?

Brenda, who only watches subtitled anime, wants to ask us:

Konnichiwa otakus from the world I am very grateful for your great job. I think about anime all the time.
What is the anime score? Ishida to Asakura Special seems popular enough.

Pam, who would like to be like the main character, hesitates about:

Ohayou otakus, thanks for your great effort. How come there’s no other sites as amazing as this!
What is his original title? Which is the animation studio of it?

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