On this occasion we are presenting you the anime Hyakki, released in 2003 and it’s from the awarded Studio: Arms.
Shown below, the synopsys, the critics and all you need to know about this show. For anyone who is interested, the original title of the anime (in Japanese) is 百鬼.

Like a curiosity, is modelled on a novel visual and the minimum recommended age is roughly: Rx – Hentai. Actually, this anime would be inside the genres: Hentai, Horror and it has an average length of 26 minper chapter. Currently, the anime is finished and it has got exactly 3 episodes. Now, the anime looks like it has average popularity among the anime lovers and it’s from the award-winning producer Pink Pineapple.

Anime Hyakki: Synopsis

Argument of Hyakki:

A group of young adults have decided to travel to a mysterious island through a tour line. The island has been deserted of human life and the ruins of a once promising city continue to decay.
Each of the group members have a reason to visit the island, including returning to their former homes or embarking on a scavenger hunt. During their visit, strange events start to take place and past memories and sexual emotions began to surface among the group.
The tour takes a turn for the worst when several of tourists are found murdered, showing that someone remains on the desolated island.

It may not look like you will like it, but we recommend to you.

Hyakki: Trailers and Videos

Hyakki: Characters, voice actors and more

Follow the marvellous stories of your favourite characters (Akari Mitsuhashi).

Anime Hyakki: Critic

Mia, who loves comedy animes, says

Good day anime lovers, congrats! You don’t know how happy you make us. I read your news everyday.
If this is the beginning of the anime it is worthwhile, I wish there will be one more chapter.

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Questions about Hyakki

Matthew, who is 26 years old, hesitates about:

Konnichiwa Sensei anime’s team rocket congrats for your great job. I love manga.
What are the main characters names? When was it aired?

Tom, who is 27 years old, hesitates about:

Good evening anime lovers, thank you for showing me the way. I read your news every second.
Somebody told me that the anime has a few episodes. How manyimages of this anime?

Brian, who is 22 years old, wants to know:

Hello Kawaii team thank you for everything. I read your news every morning.
What is the designer of the anime? What is the argument the anime ?

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