This week we suggest you the anime High School DxD Specials, dated from 2012 and it’s from the rewarded Animation Studio: TNK.
Shown below, the opinions, the synopsis and a lot of information about this great anime. The anime High School DxD Specials is also called: Highschool DxD Specials, it will depend on the country where you reside.

At the moment, the anime of the moment appears to have very high popularity and In the TOP of this year, it’s average positioned. Actually, this anime is cataloged inside the genres: Ecchi, Comedy, Harem and it’s from the prestigious producer Genco. Now, the anime of the moment is finished and it lasts for 4 minper chapter. As a curiosity, is modelled on a novela ligera and the minimum recommended age is about: R+ – Mild Nudity.

Anime High School DxD Specials: Synopsis

Argument of the anime High School DxD Specials:

A series of 3-5 minute specials that were bundled with the HighSchool DxD DVD and Blu-rays. They are a stand alone set of episodes that are not a part of any story line in particular.
Special 1: Going Sunbathing! – The Occult Research Club goes on a beach outing.
Special 2: Issei’s Private Training! – Issei is being given lessons in magic by Akeno.
Special 3: A Little Bold, Koneko-Chan…
Nyan! – Koneko accidentally has her personality reversed magically, making her incredibly sexually active and reversing her sexual preference.
Special 4: The Untold Story of The Dress Break’s Birth! – A few flashbacks of how Issei first found out and eventually perfected his special move, Dress Break.
Special 5: Making Udon! – As part of a penalty for losing a bet, Sona and Tsubaki make udon for the Occult Research Club but the udon comes to life in a peculiar way…
Special 6: Asia Transforms! – Asia wants to prove she is just as bad as any demon by using ideas found in Issei’s magazines, going as far as dressing up like a harlot and seducing him.

It may not seem like a big deal, but from SenseiAnime we ask you for an opportunity.

High School DxD Specials: Trailers and Videos

High School DxD Specials: Characters, voice actors and more

You could follow the stories of your preferred characters (Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima, Issei Hyoudou, Koneko Toujou, Asia Argento, Yuuto Kiba, Souna Sitri, Tsubaki Shinra, Matsuda, Motohama).

Anime High School DxD Specials: Critic

Jordan, who have watched every episodes of this anime, wants to ask us:

Good afternoon pros thanks for the hard work. I read your news every second.
For now, I saw just a bit, despite this I love it.

Samuel, who is 24 years old, asked:

Ohayou Sensei anime’s team thank you for your news. This site is awesome.
For the moment, I saw about a half of it, despite this I’m loving it.

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Questions about High School DxD Specials

Olivia, who have watched all the episodes of the anime, wants to ask us:

Howdy otakus from the world thank you for your news. I am a big fan of this site.
Who are the dubbing actors? How good is the anime High School DxD Specials?

Ellis, who won’t forget about the anime, wants to know:

Hallo Kawaii team thank you for showing me the way. I love anime.
How manyphotos of the anime? Does the anime come from a manga?

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