Here we introduce you the anime Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic, released in 2015 and it’s from the prestigious Animation Studio: Studio Gokumi.
Below you will find the critics, the synopsis and a lot of information about the anime. Maybe you have heard the title of the anime Hello!! Kiniro Mosaiclike this:Kiniro Mosaic 2nd Season or KINMOZA! 2nd Season or Kinmosa 2nd Season or Golden Mosaic 2nd Season, which will depend on where we are.

As a point of interest, is modelled on 4-koma manga and it’s from the rewarded producer Genco. For your information, our anime is catalogued among the genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, School and In the TOP 1000 of this month, it’s high positioned. Now, the anime of the moment is finished and the recommended age is about: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older. At present, the anime which appears to have very high popularity among the fans and which to this day include an impressive total of 12 chapters.

Anime Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic: Synopsis

Plot of Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic:

Although learning different languages continues to be an interest for Shinobu and her friends, the new school year brings unexpected difficulties. Not only is there always something new and different to distract them from their studies, but Alice and Yoko also are having trouble adjusting to being in a different class from Shinobu and Aya.
Meanwhile, Karen isn’t getting along at all with her new homeroom teacher, and it doesn’t help that the teacher is having trouble figuring out how to make herself seem friendlier to her students as well.
Craziness may ensue, but sometimes, all it takes is the right mutual experience to bring everyone together.
While some of those experiences may not be as well-thought-out as others (like when Alice and Aya act like juvenile delinquents to seem more grown up), the gang’s new adventures are certain to warm everyone’s heart as the fun and friendships keep growing in HELLO!! KINMOZA!

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Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic: Trailers and Videos

Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the marvellous adventures of your favourite characters (Karen Kujou, Aya Komichi, Alice Cartelet, Youko Inokuma, Shinobu Oomiya, Akari Kuzehashi, Sakura Karasuma, Honoka Matsubara, Mother Cartelet, Isami Oomiya).

Anime Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic: Critic

Sam, who is 21 years old, wrote us:

Konnichiwa pros thank you for the amazing work. I think about anime all day long.
OMG! I do not perceive the objective of the antagonist, nevertheless I would swear that I really like it.

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Questions about Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic

Brian, who enjoys school animes the most, wonders about:

What’s up party, thanks for your great effort. Your updates are amazing.
Is the anime inspired in a novel? It sounds to me that the anime has a variety of episodes.

Bonnie, who loves the anime, writte us:

What’s up party, thanks for your great effort. I am very fond of this site .
Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic could be good enough. Who are the voice actors?

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