Here we are presenting you the anime Fuyu no Semi, dated from 2007 and it’s from the honored Studio: Venet.
Below you will find the characters, the opinions, the synopsis and a lot of information about this show. Maybe you have read before the title of the anime Fuyu no Semilike: Winter Cicada, it will depend on the country where we are located.

Now, Fuyu no Semi is finished and the minimum recommended age is approximately: R+ – Mild Nudity. For your information, this anime is cataloged inside the genres: Drama, Historical, Romance and it’s from the rewarded producer On-Lead. Curiously, is based on a manga and it lasts for 30 minper episode. At the moment, Fuyu no Semi seems to have high popularity among the anime lovers and which to this day include exactly 3 chapters.

Anime Fuyu no Semi: Synopsis

Plot of Fuyu no Semi:

If time did not allow ordinary things to be ordinary. How would you have lived?
It is the Bakumatsu and early Meiji Period.
Akizuki Keiichirou and Kusaka Touma stand of opposite sides of the political scale of the time but still, something as fragile as the shell of a cicada binds these two men together in a tragic and cruel fate. A story of friendship, love and seperation as well as reunion and sacrifice.

It could not look like a big thing, but from here we recommend to you.

Fuyu no Semi: Trailers and Videos

Fuyu no Semi: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the wonderful adventures of your chosen characters (Keiichirou Akizuki, Touma Kusaka, Masanoshin Aizawa).

Anime Fuyu no Semi: Critic

Jim, who have watched all episodes of the anime, wonders about:

Hey otakus, thank you for the amazing work. I can’t believe your news are so great.
I really don’t perceive the goal of the main character, despite this I would say that I really recommend it.

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Questions about Fuyu no Semi

Ben, who loves comedy animes, writte us:

Hallo otakus, thanks for all. Isn’t anime the best?
Somebody told me that the anime has many studios. There is a few enigma around Fuyu no Semi.

Mary, who would love to watch another season of the anime, asks Sensei Anime:

Good morning otakus from the world thanks for the hard work. Isn’t Attack on Titan the best anime?
Fuyu no Semi looks good enough. What is the director of the anime?

Christine, who only watches dubbed anime, asks Sensei Anime:

Hiya Sensei anime’s team rocket I am very grateful for your great job. Isn’t anime the best?
How great is the anime ? What is his Japanese title?

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