Dorei Ichiba is a OVApremiered in 2002 and which had many followers and a never seen before style.
Here you will find the characters, the opinions, the synopsis and a lot of information about it. Possibly you could have seen the title of the anime Dorei Ichibalike: Slave Bazaar, which will depend on where you are located.

Presently, this anime is finished and it has an impressive total of 3 chapters. What is more, the anime of the moment is cataloged among the genres: Hentai and it’s from the awarded producer Discovery. Presently, Dorei Ichiba looks like it has average popularity among the anime lovers and the duration is 30 minper chapter.

Anime Dorei Ichiba: Synopsis

Plot of the anime Dorei Ichiba:

While working as an informant for the Venetian government, Casius travels to the grand and lustrous city of Constanivole to meet his longtime friend Falco. As he is giving him a tour of the city, Falco suggests they visit the slave market: a place where captured women are sold at exorbitant prices to wealthy bureaucrats.
Casius is initially hesitant to take part in the debauchery, but eventually has a change of heart and buys the girls in order to protect them. Unbeknownst to him, the girls he purchased will soon send him headfirst into a series of tumultuous events.Dorei Ichiba follows Casius as he spends his days in the foreign city with his three slaves—Bianca, a childish woman who calls him ‘big brother’; Cecilia, a peasant who ran away from her abusive, blue-blooded fiance; and Myia, a mute girl with dark secrets.
As he uncovers their tragic stories while making love to them, he finds himself slowly succumbing to a carnal desire that threatens to change him for good.

It could not seem like you will like it, but we ask you for an opportunity.

Dorei Ichiba: Trailers and Videos

Dorei Ichiba: Characters, voice actors and more

You can start the wonderful adventures of your chosen characters (Casius Gile Palvis, Cecilia, Myia, Bianca).

Anime Dorei Ichiba: Critic

Lindsay, who have watched all episodes of the anime, says

Good evening otakus from the world thanks for the hard work. I love to read your articles.
If this is the beginning of the season it disappointed me, I hope there will be another season.

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Thanks to them we keep improving every day and to create content like this post.

Questions about Dorei Ichiba

Kimberley, who watched the anime already in their airing, hesitates about:

Hello anime lovers, thanks for so much. I am a big fan of this site.
Which is the animation studio of the anime Dorei Ichiba? Who are the voice actors?

Kimberley, who is 28 years old, wrote us:

Konbanwa pros thanks for showing us always the best. Greetings from the States!
Who are the voice actors? What is the designer of the anime?

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