On this occasion we present you the anime Digimon Frontier, dated from 2002 and it’s from the prestigious Studio: Toei Animation.
Listed below, the synopsys, the critics and a lot of information about this great anime. Perhaps you have heard before the title of the anime Digimon Frontierlike: Digimon Season Four, it will depend on where you reside.

Presently, Digimon Frontier is finished and In the TOP of the century, it’s average ranked. Currently, the anime of the moment seems to have very high general popularity and the recommended age is: PG – Children. As a curiosity, is based on another animes and it has got a total of 50 episodes. Actually, the anime is listed among the genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy and it’s from the awarded producer Yomiko Advertising.

Anime Digimon Frontier: Synopsis

Plot of the anime Digimon Frontier:

With five new kids and an exciting new mission in the Digital World, Digimon Frontier brings back all the great action and adventure of the last three seasons. Takuya, Kouji, Izumi, Junpei.
and Tomoki meet each other in a train that takes them to the Digital World where a war against evil is being fought. The Angel digimon, Cherubimon, one of The three angels sent to save the World from the power-hungry Lucemon, has turned to the dark side and the entire Digital World is in peril.
To fight this great battle, the five CHOSEN ONES must find the Densetsu no Spirit (Legendary Spirit).

It could not seem like a big thing, but from here we recommend it.

Digimon Frontier: Trailers and Videos

Digimon Frontier: Characters, voice actors and more

You could follow the marvellous stories of your chosen characters (Kouji Minamoto, Takuya Kanbara, Kouichi Kimura, Izumi Orimoto, Junpei Shibayama, Tomoki Himi, Agnimon, Patamon, Gabumon, Gomamon).

Anime Digimon Frontier: Critic

Woefully, we haven’t got the critic of Digimon Frontier.

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Questions about Digimon Frontier

Jim, who is 17 years old, wrote us:

Yo anime lovers, thank you for the amazing work. Here an anime fan!
The anime could be good enough. Which is the animation studio of the anime ?

Mike, who will never forget the anime, writte us:

Hello otakus, thank you for everything. I am your greatest fan.
I have been told that the anime has a lot of seasons. It sounds to me that the anime has a lot of studios.

Loise, who is 29 years old, wants to know:

Konnichiwa party, congrats for your great job. I read your news every second.
Which one is Digimon Frontier? Where does it come from?

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