This week we are indroducing you the anime Detective Conan, premiered in 1996 and it’s from the prestigious Studio: TMS Entertainment.
Here you will find the synopsis, the characters, the opinions and a lot of interesting information about it. Maybe you could have seen the title of the anime Detective Conanlike this:Meitantei Conan, which will depend on the country where we are.

For your information, the anime of the moment is cataloged among the genres: Adventure, Mystery, Comedy and the recommended age is around: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older. Now, the anime which appears to have very high popularity among the fans and it’s from the honored producer Yomiuri Telecasting. You will be glad to know to hear that is modelled on a manga and it lasts at least for 25 minper episode. At the moment, our anime is airing and In the TOP of the century, it’s very high ranked.

Anime Detective Conan: Synopsis

Argument of the anime Detective Conan:

Shinichi Kudou, a high school student of astounding talent in detective work, is well known for having solved several challenging cases. One day, when Shinichi spots two suspicious men and decides to follow them, he inadvertently becomes witness to a disturbing illegal activity.
Unfortunately, he is caught in the act, so the men dose him with an experimental drug formulated by their criminal organization, leaving him to his death. However, to his own astonishment, Shinichi lives to see another day, but now in the body of a seven-year-old child.
Perfectly preserving his original intelligence, he hides his real identity from everyone, including his childhood friend Ran Mouri and her father, private detective Kogorou Mouri.
To this end, he takes on the alias of Conan Edogawa, inspired by the mystery writers Arthur Conan Doyle and Ranpo Edogawa.Detective Conan follows Shinichi who, as Conan, starts secretly solving the senior Mouri’s cases from behind the scenes with his still exceptional sleuthing skills, while covertly investigating the organization responsible for his current state, hoping to reverse the drug’s effects someday.

It may not seem like a big deal, but we ask you for an opportunity.

Detective Conan: Trailers and Videos

Detective Conan: Characters, voice actors and more

You can start the marvellous stories of your favourite characters (Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara, Ran Mouri, Kogorou Mouri, Hiroshi Agasa, Ayumi Yoshida, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, Genta Kojima, Kaito Kuroba, Shuuichi Akai).

Anime Detective Conan: Critic

Pam, who fell in love with all the characters this year, wrote us:

Hello Kawaii team thanks for so much. I am your greatest fan.
If this is the end of the season it leaves a nasty sour taste in my mouth, I wish there will be another episode.

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Questions about Detective Conan

Bonnie, who enjoys superpower animes the most, would like to ask us:

Hey Sensei anime’s team congrats for your great job. I read your news every morning.
Somebody told me that the anime has a huge variety of characters. Is the anime inspired in a novel?

Ellis, who would love to be like the characters, wants to know:

Genki desu ka S.A., thank you for keeping us updated to. I always visit your site when i need something about anime.
I have been told that the anime has a lot of names. The anime seems popular enough.

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