Here we present you the anime Curry no Kuni no Coburoux, released in 2004 and it’s from the rewarded Animation Studio: Artland.
Shown below, the synopsys, the critics and a lot of information about your favourite anime. Possibly you could have seen before the name of the anime Curry no Kuni no Coburouxas following: Curry no Kuni no Kobal, which will depend on where we are.

At present, Curry no Kuni no Coburoux which appears to have very low general popularity and In the TOP of this year, it’s undetermined ranked. Actually, the anime of the moment is listed among the genres: Comedy and it’s from the prestigious producer Kids Station. Currently, the anime of the moment is finished and the advised age is about: G – All Ages. As a point of interest, is modelled on another animes and it’s having an impressive total of 13 episodes.

Anime Curry no Kuni no Coburoux: Synopsis

Plot of the anime Curry no Kuni no Coburoux:

Coburoux is a prince of Curry Kingdom. Although he is a prince, he goes to the school for common people, and he is treated like other students.
In fact, he is scolded by the teacher, is made to stand during class as a punishment, go some errands for a chef, and is teased by a girl whom he loves. He is always worried, and wonders whether the prince should be better.
Being surrounded by weird friends and strange people in Curry Kingdom, he spends worrying days.

It may not seem like a big thing, but from here we recommend it.

Curry no Kuni no Coburoux: Trailers and Videos

Curry no Kuni no Coburoux: Characters, voice actors and more

Start the wonderful stories of your preferred characters (Naanda, Potechin, Nutmeg, Gariken, Coburoux, Honey Obasan, Rakkyodon, Chutney Chef, Bouillon-sensei, Hayashi-jii).

Anime Curry no Kuni no Coburoux: Critic

Brenda, who enjoys action animes the most, asked us about:

Good afternoon Sensei anime’s team rocket thank you so much. I am your greatest fan.
For those who are going to start it, I’ll give you some advice: Wait a bit more because it’s worth it.

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Questions about Curry no Kuni no Coburoux

Mary, who is 24 years old, asked us about:

Good morning Sensei anime’s team thank you so much. Greetings from the States!
Somebody told me that the anime has a few studios. What is the argument it?

Angie, who loves fantastic animes, asked us about:

What’s up SA, thank you for the amazing work. I think about anime all the time.
What is the director of the anime? Somebody told me that the anime has a variety of seasons.

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