Today we introduce you the anime ClassicaLoid, dated from 2016 and it’s from the award-winning Studio: Sunrise.
Below you will find the opinions, the synopsis and appealing information about this great anime. For anyone who cares, the original name of the anime (in Japanese) is クラシカロイド.

Right now, our anime has high popularity among the fans and In the ranking of this year, it’s very low ranked. Right now, our anime is finished and which to this day include an impressive total of 25 chapters. You will be glad to know to hear that is inspired by another animes and it has a duration of 24 minper episode. For your information, the anime is cataloged among the genres: Comedy, Music and it’s from the awarded producer NHK.

Anime ClassicaLoid: Synopsis

Argument of the anime ClassicaLoid:

Ever since her father used up the last of the family fortune and skipped town, Kanae Otowa has lived in her family’s ancestral mansion, Otowakan. With no way to pay off her father’s debts, Otowakan is being foreclosed and Kanae must oust the remaining residents—her friend Sousuke Kagura, and two strange people who claim to be her father’s acquaintances, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven.
After somehow being resurrected, Mozart and Beethoven have started going by “Motes” and “Beethes” respectively, and begun to indulge in a variety of idiotic, non-musical pursuits.
While stubbornly refusing to leave Otowakan, Beethes unlocks the hidden power of Musik, saving Otowakan from demolition and delaying his eviction. With this discovery, other Musik users are drawn to Otowakan, including Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt, and Franz Schubert.
However, not all Musik users have innocent desires. Across the city, the enigmatic Johann Sebastian Bach sits atop a tall building, plotting how to use his Musik.

It could not look like a big thing, but from SenseiAnime we recommend to you.

ClassicaLoid: Trailers and Videos

ClassicaLoid: Characters, voice actors and more

Start the stories of your preferred characters (Mozart, Beethoven, Sousuke Kagura, Kanae Otowa, Schubert, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Bądarzewska, Pad-kun).

Anime ClassicaLoid: Critic

April, who only watches animes in VO, hesitates about:

Hello S.A., congrats! You don’t know how happy you make us. I miss Naruto so much!
The reality, I did not see too much about this anime, but it overcame my first impression.

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Questions about ClassicaLoid

Peter, who thinks that this anime is the best, wants to ask us:

Genki desu ka party, thank you for keeping us updated to. Greetings from the UK!
Which is the studio of it? ClassicaLoid looks good enough.

Luke, who enjoys animes and mangas the most, hesitates about:

What’s new Sensei anime’s team rocket thank you for showing us the way. Greetings from the UK!
Is the anime inspired in a novel? Which one is the animeClassicaLoid?

Malcolm, who is 29 years old, wrote us:

Konnichiwa Sensei anime’s team thank you for showing us the way. I read your news every second.
What is the designer of the anime? How good is ClassicaLoid?

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