Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan is a ONAdated from 2021 and which had a lot of followers and a never seen before style.
Shown below, the opinions, the synopsis and very interesting information about your favourite anime. Possibly you have seen the name of the anime Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinanas following: Ren Zha Fanpai Zijiu Xitong 2 or The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System 2 or Scumbag Villain 2, depending on the country where we live.

Presently, the anime is not yet aired and the minimum recommended age is about: R – 17 or older.

Anime Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan: Synopsis

Plot of the anime Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan:

Second season of Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan.

It may not seem like you will like it, but we recommend it.

Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan: Trailers and Videos

Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan: Characters, voice actors and more

Woefully, we haven’t got the list of dubbing actors and their characters here yet, but we won’t be late!

Anime Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan: Critic

April, who is 28 years old, asked:

Yo otakus, thank you for everything. Here an Evangelion fan!
The thing, I have watched about a half, even so I think it’s great.

Tom, who is crazy about the anime, wants to ask us:

How are you doing otakus from the world thank you for the amazing work. Greetings from the States!
If this is the beginning of the anime it is worthwhile, I hope there will be another episode.

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Questions about Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan

Tom, who likes drama animes, wonders about:

Hallo pros thank you for showing us the way. From today on you’ll be my best friend.
How manyphotos of this anime? Who are the voice actors?

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