In this occasion we introduce you the anime Chou Yuu Sekai, premiered in 2017 and it’s from the award-winning Animation Studio: Asahi Production.
On this site you will find the opinions, the synopsis and appealing information about this great anime. Possibly you could have seen the title of the anime Chou Yuu Sekailike: World of Super Sand Box: Being the Reality or Chao You Shijie, which will depend on the country where we are located.

At the moment, this anime is finished and it’s from the awarded producer Tencent Animation & Comics. You will be glad to know to hear that is based on Web manga and it has an average length of 13 minper episode. Currently, the anime of the moment looks like it has high popularity among the fans and In the TOP 1000 of this year, it’s very low positioned. For your information, the anime of the moment would be among the genres: Action, Game, Adventure and it has got exactly 20 episodes.

Anime Chou Yuu Sekai: Being the Reality: Synopsis

Synopsis of the anime Chou Yuu Sekai:

A hot-blooded high school teen, a mysterious female swordsman, and an unpredictable dark emo girl. It’s impossible to distinguish between reality and the game world! What kind of conspiracy is awaiting them in this super journey of the world!

It may not look like a big deal, but from here we want to recommend it.

Chou Yuu Sekai: Trailers and Videos

Chou Yuu Sekai: Being the Reality: Characters, voice actors and more

You can follow the stories of your preferred characters (Haki, Motis, Noi, Cass, Vinsen, Ryu, Viros, Saber’s Captain, Mounsuto, Chinnou).

Anime Chou Yuu Sekai: Being the Reality: Critic

Niko, who thinks that this anime is the best, wrote us:

Hallo otakus from the world thank you for the amazing work. I think about anime all the time.
So far, I have watched just a bit, however I’m loving it.

Sarah, who is 18 years old, wonders about:

Hi Sensei anime’s team rocket thanks for so much. I read your news every morning.
Jesus Christ! I dontunderstand the goal of the antagonist, nevertheless I would say that I disliked it.

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Questions about Chou Yuu Sekai

Kimberley, who can’t stop thinking about the anime, would like to ask us:

What’s new Sensei anime’s team rocket thank you for showing me the way. I read your news every week.
How bad is the anime ? How amazing is it?

Lena, who likes thriller animes, ask us:

Hallo anime lovers, thank you for your help. I love to read manga.
Chou Yuu Sekai: Being the Reality seems popular. I have been told that the anime has a few characters.

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