From SenseiAnime we announce you the anime Butlers, premiered in 2018 and it’s from the rewarded Studio: SILVER LINK..
Below you will find the synopsys, the critics and all you need to know about this great anime. Possibly you could have seen the name of the anime Butlerslike this:Butlers x Battlers, depending on where we live.

Actually, our anime is cataloged among the genres: Comedy, School, Supernatural and the recommended age is about: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older. Presently, the anime of the moment has high popularity among the fans and it’s from the prestigious producer Lantis. Currently, Butlers is finished and it has an impressive total of 12 chapters. Curiously, is based on another animes and the duration is 23 minper chapter.

Anime Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari: Synopsis

Argument of Butlers:

The anime centers on two protagonists. Koma Jinguji (Jay) is the smart and handsome student council president.
His elegant smile captures the hearts of women. Tsubasa Hayakawa is a multi-talented and gentle shop assistant at a café.
His cafe latte with owl latte art is very popular with female customers. The two men travel through time to fight their archenemy.
The charming “Butlers,” as they are called, fight supernatural battles and also experience a slapstick comedic life at their academy.

It could not seem like a big deal, but from SenseiAnime we ask you for an opportunity.

Butlers: Trailers and Videos

Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari: Characters, voice actors and more

Start the marvellous adventures of your chosen characters (Kouma Jinguuji, Tsubasa Hayakawa, Daichi Kurosawa, Hotaru Aoba, Haruto Hizakura, Yuuki Fujishirou, Akira Tachibana, Shino Fujimura, Ayame Kitazono, Hinako Higashino).

Anime Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari: Critic

Corey, who is 20 years old, ask us about

Good day otakus from the world thanks for your great effort. I love to read manga.
For those who have planned to start it, I’m going to give you a piece of advice: Hold on till the end because it’s worth it.

Meg, who would like to be like the main character, wants to ask us:

Konbanwa S.A., thank you for your help. Reading about you is the best part of the day.
For those who start it now, I’ll give you a piece of advice: Wait a bit more cause it’s really worth it.

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Questions about Butlers

Jamy, who is 28 years old, asks:

Ohayou party, thanks for the hard work. Greetings from the States!
How bad is Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari? What is the director of the anime?

Birdie, who loves fantastic animes, asks Sensei Anime:

Good day pros thanks for so much. I love anime.
Which is the studio of Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari? What is the synopsis it?

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