From SenseiAnime we suggest you the anime Beatless, premiered in 2018 and it’s from the awarded Studio: Diomedéa.
Below you will find the synopsis, the opinions, the critics and a lot of information about this show. For anyone who mind, the real title of this anime (in Japanese) is BEATLESS.

Presently, the anime has got very high popularity among the fans and the strongly recommended age is: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older. As a point of interest, is modelled on a novela ligera and it has got exactly 20 episodes. At present, the anime is finished and it has a duration of 24 minper chapter. For your information, the anime is catalogued among the genres: Action, Drama, Romance and it’s from the prestigious producer Kadokawa Shoten.

Anime Beatless: Synopsis

Argument of the anime Beatless:

With great advancements in technology, mankind has created hIEs, human-like robots that act as public and personal servants for society. Unlike many others, the kind-hearted high school student Arato Endou treats hIEs as equals, but his financial situation keeps him from ever owning one.
However, his normal life is shattered when an ordinary run to the local grocery store goes horribly awry.
Viciously assaulted by a hacked hIE, Arato is on the verge of death; but luckily, he is saved by an abnormal hIE carrying a weaponized coffin. Her name is Lacia, one of five highly advanced hIEs that recently escaped the clutches of the mysterious MemeFrame Corporation.
Faced with a hacked car threatening to run them over, Lacia offers Arato a deal: in exchange for saving his life, he must register as her new owner, thus taking full responsibility for her actions.
With little choice, he decides to trust this artificial girl and allows her to live in his home. Though Lacia begins to adapt to her new, peaceful lifestyle, she warns the entranced Arato of one thing—she does not have a soul.

It could not look like you will like it, but we ask you for an opportunity.

Beatless: Trailers and Videos

Beatless: Characters, voice actors and more

Start the wonderful adventures of your favourite characters (Lacia, Arato Endou, Kouka, Shiori Kaidai, Methode, Yuka Endou, Snowdrop, Saturnus, Ryou Kaidai, Ginga Watarai).

Anime Beatless: Critic

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Questions about Beatless

Niko, who only watches subtitled anime, asks:

How are you doing SA, thank you for showing us the way. Isn’t Attack on Titan the best anime?
Where does it come from? Beatless is popular enough.

Naomi, who watched the anime already in their airing, asks:

How are you doing Sensei anime’s team thank you for existing. I read your news every week.
How manyphotos of the anime? What is the director of the anime?

Robert, who only watches dubbed anime, asks:

Good morning S.A., thank you for keeping us updated to. I miss Naruto so much!
Who are the dubbing actors? The anime could be good enough.

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