From SenseiAnime we introduce you the anime Arata Kangatari, dated from 2013 and it’s from the awarded Studio: Satelight.
Below you will find the opinions, the synopsis and everything you need to know about this show. For anyone who mind, the original name of this anime (in Japanese) is アラタカンガタリ~革神語~.

What is more, this anime is cataloged inside the genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen and it’s from the prestigious producer TV Tokyo. Now, the anime of the moment is finished and it’s having a total of 12 episodes. You will be glad to know that is inspired by a manga and the advised age is about: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older. Presently, this anime has very high popularity among the anime lovers and In the TOP of the century, it’s low positioned.

Anime Arata Kangatari: Synopsis

Synopsis of the anime Arata Kangatari:

As a young boy from a noble family in Amawakuni, Arata has always expected to make life his own—until word of the princess growing weak reaches his city. Unbeknown to him, his grandmother had claimed him to be female at birth, and now, with no other girls to succeed the princess from the matriarchal Hime clan, he is next in line for the throne! Disguised as a woman awaiting a replacement to be found, Arata witnesses an assassination attempt on the princess by none other than her own guard, the 12 Shinsho.
The crime is pinned on his head, forcing Arata to escape to the Kando forest, where it is said that no one comes out the same.
Meanwhile, in modern-day Japan, Arata Hinohara longs for escape from the cruelty of his classmates. Hearing his name called from an alley, he wanders from his path and unwittingly switches universes with Arata from Amawakuni.
With his own power as a newly awakened “Sho”—a warrior able to wield Hayagami, weapons with the power of the gods—and the help of his companions he meets along his journey, Hinohara sets out to restore order to this new world.

It could not look like a big thing, but from SenseiAnime we recommend it.

Arata Kangatari: Trailers and Videos

Arata Kangatari: Characters, voice actors and more

You could start the stories of your preferred characters (Arata Hinohara, Kannagi, Kotoha, Arata, Kanate, Masato Kadowaki, Kugura, Yataka, Harunawa, Akachi).

Anime Arata Kangatari: Critic

Ellis, who is 15 years old, says

Genki desu ka otakus, thanks for the hard work. Isn’t Full Metal Alchemist the best of bests?
The best one! I watched about a half, even so I think it’s incredible.

James, who only watches animes in VO, would like to ask us:

What’s new S.A., thanks for the hard work. I am your best reader.
So far, I have seen about a half of it, despite this I’m enjoying it.

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Questions about Arata Kangatari

Lucy, who is 26 years old, writte us:

Konnichiwa otakus from the world thank you for the amazing work. Here an anime fan!
What is the synopsis Arata Kangatari? Which is the studio of the anime Arata Kangatari?

Ben, who would love to watch another season of the anime, asks Sensei Anime:

Genki desu ka party, thank you for showing me the way. I can’t stop thinking about you all night long.
I have been told that the anime has a variety of images. Where does it come from?

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