From SenseiAnime we are indroducing you the anime Amanchu! Advance, released in 2018 and it’s from the award-winning Studio: J.C.Staff.
Listed below, the synopsis, the characters, the opinions and a lot of interesting information about your favourite anime. Perhaps you could have heard the title of the anime Amanchu! Advancelike: Amanchu! 2, it will depend on where we live.

Presently, the anime is finished and which to this day include a total of 12 chapters. As a curiosity, is modelled on a manga and it lasts for 23 minper chapter. For your information, our anime would be among the genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, School and it’s from the award-winning producer Production I.G. Presently, the anime seems to have high general popularity and In the ranking of this month, it’s average positioned.

Anime Amanchu! Advance: Synopsis

Synopsis of Amanchu! Advance:

Second season of Amanchu!.

It may not seem like you will like it, but we want to recommend it.

Amanchu! Advance: Trailers and Videos

Amanchu! Advance: Characters, voice actors and more

You could follow the adventures of your preferred characters (Hikari Kohinata, Futaba Ooki, Mato Katori, Ai Ninomiya, Makoto Ninomiya, Aria, Chizuru Himeno, Kino Kohinata, Kokoro Misaki, Kotori Misaki).

Anime Amanchu! Advance: Critic

Jordan, who loves comedy animes, wrote us:

Genki desu ka anime lovers, thank you for showing me the way. Isn’t anime the best?
For now, I have seen about a half of it, even so I think it’s great.

Luke, who is 30 years old, asked us about:

Good day otakus, thank you for showing us the way. I miss Naruto so much!
If this is the end of the chapter it leaves a nasty sour taste, I hope there will be one last season.

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Questions about Amanchu! Advance

Sam, who is 24 years old, hesitates about:

Hallo S.A., thank you for keeping us updated to. From today on you’ll be my best friend.
What are the main characters names? Amanchu! Advance looks good.

Bonnie, who is 19 years old, wants to know:

Konbanwa anime lovers, congrats for your great job. I read your news every morning.
How wonderful is it? What is his VO title?

Pam, who loves the main character outfit, wants to know:

Good afternoon Kawaii team thanks for your great effort. I think your articles are very useful.
How beautiful is Amanchu! Advance? When was it released?

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